New Year in Bogotá

By bogotapost December 26, 2017

New Year in BogotaHow will you be bidding farewell to 2017? Here are some tips on what to expect if you’re in Bogotá on New Year’s Eve.

Planning a trip around the end of the year almost always includes hopes of a smashing New Year’s Eve party in some new and wonderful destination.

People travelling to Colombia around this time are no different, usually looking for somewhere fabulous to sing the local version of Auld Lang Syne and ring in the new year in style. However, if it’s your first time spending this occasion in the country, you’re probably in for a bit of a surprise.

Colombians generally don’t go out for big parties on December 31, as is traditional in many other parts of the world. A typical new year’s eve in Colombia is spent at home with family. Clans get together to eat a traditional meal at midnight and while there is most likely some music and dancing at home the streets are quiet, and many a first-timer have found themselves wandering around feeling deflated.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to spend the evening with a Colombian family, there are a few traditions that you can look forward to. Here’s a little heads-up of what to expect as the old year fades and the new one rolls in.

If you’re in or around Bogotá where the weather’s generally cooler, you will usually be served a bowl of ajiaco. At midnight grab a handful of grapes, 12 to be precise, and make a wish as you eat each one. If you dream of travelling in the coming year, make sure you have an empty suitcase ready to walk or run around the block with. You’ll also want to eat some lentils to boost your chances of good luck, although some people say filling your pockets with lentils is sufficient. Oh, and don’t forget to wear yellow underwear for luck.

You’ll probably find some other traditions in different parts or with different families, but these are some of the most commonly observed ones.

If you are in Bogotá and still keen to try your chances looking for a party, check out the websites or call popular nightspots to find out what they have going on.

Popular nightclubs to try are Armando Records, Teatrón, Andrés DC, La Villa and pretty much anywhere around Zona T, Parque 93 or La Candelaria – the areas that usually have lots of tourists and party-goers. Plus our friends at Revellion Cultu-Bar are planning a Casino Royal Revellion black tie party.

Alternatively, a good plan could be to get a group of friends together and rent a finca somewhere out of town where you can create your own celebration and maybe start some of your own new traditions.

Happy New Year from The Bogotá Post team!