4 Traits Of A Good Landlord That Make Life Easy For Tenants

By bogotapost March 3, 2020
Photo by Max Williams on Unsplash

Imagine you have just moved into a new rented place and after living for a few days you find out that your landlord is someone you would have rather avoided if you had known before. But, now it is too late to change your house as you have already paid the rent and all the rental formalities have been performed.

So, to avoid getting into such a situation there are certain things that you need to observe before moving into the new rental property. These things range from the personal characteristics of the landlord to the place you would be living in.

If you are mindful of these few things, you would land in a good place to live.


When moving into a new place, you need the landlord, to be honest about everything regarding the house and rental proceedings. What if you get to know that your landlord lied about fixing the broken tiles or damaged plumbing, but all these things remained untouched. 

Now when you move in, you get to face extreme difficulty daily when you have to use a bathroom or sink. This shows that it is really important to have a landlord who is transparent about everything and fulfill the promise.


If you think communication with the landlord ends when all the rental proceedings are done, then this is completely untrue. You are going to be living in a place that is owned by someone else, which means you will be interacting with them regularly.

You will have to face them when you have to give rent payment or when you have to report any other issue. Therefore, you have to make sure that the landlord is friendly because if he is not then you are in trouble.

If the landlord is not friendly, there are high chances that you will face issues in the rental proceedings and it can also lead to some unpleasant interactions even before you move in.


Where it is important to find a friendly and flexible landlord, it is also important that the landlord is professional. Dealing with an unprofessional landlord can be a real headache especially when you have to go through all the proceedings and documentation.

If you finalize a deal with an unprofessional landlord, you can expect all sorts of unwanted attitudes and behaviors from them. From being late on dealings to taking matters lightly, it is just impossible to deal with them. Therefore, you need to add professionalism to the top in the list of what you look in landlords.

Quick Response

Lastly, one more important characteristic that your landlord must possess is promptness. It is an important feature that is required throughout the time you spend living on that property. It is required for quick rental proceedings as well as a quick response to your reporting of basic issues such as maintenance.

If you are spending on rent according to the 30% rule then you may as well make sure that you find houses for rent from good home rental companies. These companies connect you with landlords that are professional and easy to deal with.