5 Creative Uses of 3D Printing That’ll Blow Your Mind

By bogotapost May 22, 2019

5 Creative Uses of 3D Printing That’ll Blow Your Mind

3D printers and their products seem to be all over the internet. Here are 5 creative uses of 3D printing you’ve never seen before.

The international market for 3D printing metals is estimated to have an annual compound growth rate of 22%. By 2028, it is expected to be worth $966 million!

After the introduction of 3D printing in 1984, the world was a bit skeptical about the technology. It took a while before people could warm up to it. Today, things have taken a complete turn as a diverse array of industries continue to embrace it.

Just like the internet, 3D technology is quickly evolving. Based on the excitement around it, there is no doubt that it is here to stay. Currently, 3D printers and their products seem to be all over the internet.

Here are five creative uses of 3D printing you’ve never seen before.

What Is 3D Printing?

It’s a top-notch technology used to create a physical object from a digital model. Once known as rapid prototyping, 3D printing is the best way to make three-dimensional objects from digital models.

Today, it is also known as additive manufacturing because unlike traditional manufacturing, it adds layers to the object in question. In respect to that, 3D printers are used in the production of complex yet functional shapes using digital models. Here are some of the uses of 3D printers;

1. 3D Printing in the Automotive Arena

As noted earlier, many industries are now incorporating the use of 3D printers in their operations. The automotive industry is one of them. For instance, in 2014, Koenigsegg, a Sweden-based supercar manufacturer, launched its first 3D-based supercar known as the One:1. Majority of the car parts, such as its titanium exhaust components and air ducts were 3D printed.

Thanks to this technology, the company is said to have reduced production costs by 40% and saved on time by 20%. Other automotive giants that use 3D printing technology include General Motors, Ford Motors, and Audi, among many others. 

2. Use of 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry

If you want to see what 3D printing can achieve if maximized on, then turn to the aerospace industry! Aerospace was one of the first industries to utilize this technology and since then, it has accomplished quite a lot.

NASA to be precise boasts a longstanding history in incorporating 3D printing in its operations. For instance, as a way to make the most out of its space shuttles, NASA announced the development of a 3D fabric that will help shield these vessels from meteorites. The shield is also expected to insulate them from extreme heat while in space. 

3. 3D Tech in the Health Industry

While 3D printing technology is advantageous to the automotive industry, it has been even more significant in the health realm. Through 3D printers, scientists and health experts are now able to convert patient scans to life-size models.

Such models come in handy as they can be used by surgeons to identify what exactly is the problem and what it is they need to do during surgery to solve it. This results in more time effective, accurate, and effective surgical procedures.

The models have also helped enhance patients’ communication. Doctors can now explain how a particular condition is affecting the body of the patient. On that note, they can also describe how a specific procedure will help make the situation better using something they can see and touch.

3D printing has also helped make learning easier for medical students. For instance, most medical schools now boast of 3D printed anatomical models which medical students can use to understand human anatomy.

If you think the above applications of 3D printing are fantastic, then you’ll be more startled to know that this technology has also successfully facilitated the production of a body organ. Using the technology, doctors from the University of Michigan helped save the life of a young boy using a 3D printed lung splint. Patients who need prostheses organs can also have them 3D printed!

This is just the start of an innovative technology which will drastically shape the health sector. Transplant patients will no longer be at the mercy of organ donors. If anything, they will get better organ transplants as what they need will be recreated from their cells.  

4. 3D Printing in Architecture

For a long time now, architects have always had a hard time explaining architectural concepts to clients. This is quite reasonable as these concepts are often too complicated for the mind of an Average Joe to grasp.

Using FDM 3D printers, architects can now convert these concepts to realistic, three-dimensional models that an average mind can easily understand. Besides making presentations easier, these models also leave a lasting impression on the mind of the client, thus enhancing the reputation of the architect.

Additionally, as an architect, you can 3D print the foundation of an incomplete architectural model you have in mind, and then scale it up to come up with an exciting end design. In the past, such visualizations took ages to complete, but now you can create them within a few hours.

5. 3D Printer Uses in the Fashion Industry

Even though the fashion industry has taken time to embrace this technology, a few companies are already setting the pace. For instance, Charne Esterhuizen, a famous Canberra designer, is famed for designing a beautiful 175 cm tall dress out of rubber printed butterflies. The dress goes at a price of approximately $90,000 and took 800 hours of printing.

Adidas also joined in the wave of 3D printing in 2017 after it partnered up with Carbon, a Silicon Valley startup to facilitate the mass production of trainers with 3D printed soles.  Its rivals have not been left out either as brands like New Balance, Nike, and Zante Generate have also begun experimenting.

Unlock a New World by Learning More Creative Uses of 3D Printing

3D printing technology is continuously transforming our world today by creating new possibilities. Concepts that we once saw as impossible are now becoming a reality, and are completely disrupting the way things used to work but in a good way. Unlock a new world of possibilities by learning more about the creative uses of 3D printing.

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