Cedula renewal

By bogotapost February 17, 2015

Colombia cedula

Failure to renew the old-style cedula will result in fines.

Two crucial identity documents for Colombians and foreigners are up for renewal soon. Foreign residents living in Colombia who got their Cedula de Extranjeria from the old DAS office (i.e. before January 1 2013) have until July 24 to renew it. Colombians have until November 15 to renew any old style passports which do not have mechanical reading functions or hard photo pages.

In order to make the renewal, those holding an old-style cedula should visit the Migracion Colombia office. The Colombian passport procedures can be done in the passport office: you can find the address details in the article above.

According to Sergio Bueno, the director of Migracion Colombia, the main reason for the renewal of the cedula is to replace the old style documents, which had no expiry date, with more secure documents.

There is no extra cost to change your cedula if it is done before the July deadline, nor is it necessary to take a photograph – that will be done at the offices.

For Colombians, the passport procedure is slightly more complicated. Firstly, you have to register on the Cancillería website in the passport renewal section, and then, after waiting a few hours for your details to appear in the system, go to the passport office. Passport renewals costs $136,000 COP and the document will be valid for ten years.

It is extremely important for foreigners living in Colombia who have an old cedula to make this renewal, as a failure to do so could have repercussions for those wishing to enter into financial dealings in the country. A non-renewed cedula will not be valid and so will not give these rights, nor access to social security benefits.

Foreigners holding a resident’s visa are eligible to register for voting in local and mayoral elections. Currently, only 1651 foreigners who possess a cedula are registered to vote in this capacity in Colombia, yet anyone who wishes to participate as a voter can register with their renewed Cedula in a Registraduría.

By Laura Sharkey