Colombia: Eco-Tourism Prize

By bogotapost May 16, 2014

Cabo de San Juan, Tayrona National Park                                      Credit – Javier M. Saavedra

Colombia has been chosen as the best eco-tourism destination in the World Travel Fair held in Shanghai, an event that brought together over 550 exhibitors from all over the world. The country surpassed Russia, Sri Lanka and Seychelles to win the prize.

The award was presented during a ceremony organized by the executive committee of the World Travel Fair and Tourism office in Shanghai. Awards were also given for the best destinations, hotels, airlines, routes and travel agencies.

The jury, composed of members of the club of travelers ‘Love Travel, Love the Earth’, tourism industry professionals and delegates from various media outlets, chose Colombia as the winner in the eco-tourism category thanks to the biodiversity and variety of experiences that the country offers to tourists.

Biodiversity is a key part of Colombia’s tourist appeal, according to Proexport. For example, the Asian market is interested in options such as bird watching and whale watching, “and the richness in biodiversity, climate and places”, stated María Claudia Lacouture, president of Proexport.

The prize represents an opportunity for Colombia to actively promote itself to Chinese travellers, especially in Shanghai.

Analysis conducted by Proexport found that China has seen a change in consumption patterns. Travel for vacation has become a trend, with the Chinese looking to learn about other countries and visit exotic places. Many people in China consider that travelling outside the country is key to cultural enrichment.