Colombia bows out of World Cup in penalty shootout with England

England Colombia
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The English finally overcame their penalty kick curse and it was Colombia that turned out to be snake-bitten at the end of Tuesday’s dramatic World Cup knockout game. England’s 4-3 advantage on penalty kicks after a 1-1 tie will see the Three Lions advancing while Colombia’s hopes of repeating a run to the quarterfinals come to an end.

Harry Kane opened the scoring on a penalty in regulation when Carlos Sánchez was called for a yellow card in the box. It was a savvy play by Kane off the set piece, as he seemed to hook Sánchez but the defensive midfielder was correctly flagged as he hung on and ended up on top of Kane’s back when the English star went down in the penalty area.

Colombia’s fortunes changed, however, when midfielder Mateus Uribe subbed in for Sánchez and Luis Muriel for Juan Fernando Quintero late in the game. The attacking combination picked up the pace for Colombia and it was Uribe’s shot from long that set up Los Cafeteros on the 93rd-minute corner kick, which was remarkably Colombia’s first of the match.

Colombia took advantage as Juan Cuadrado played the ball high where only Yerry Mina could get it, netting home his third straight header in three World Cup games.

Without star James Rodríguez fit enough to play with his nagging calf injury, manager José Pékerman started with a conservative starting XI that featured three defensive-midfielders. England looked the better team for much of the game until late in the second period and in extra time when Colombia’s attacking mode caught the English off guard.

The pressure then fell to Juan Fernando Quintero to again be the creative catalyst, but without another playmaker at left forward, it was tough for the Medellín man to get anything going. England did a good job of stunting his progress and limiting any connection between him and captain Radamel Falcao.

U.S. referee Mark Geiger will likely not be invited to Colombia anytime soon, as he drew an astonishing six yellow cards against Colombia alone, including Sanchez’s fateful penalty in the box.

In extra time, Colombia looked to have a few chances to end the game before a penalty shootout. A great service in from left back Johan Mojica found the head of Falcao, but he pushed it too far left while under pressure from an English defender.

When penalties eventually came it was Falcao who netted Colombia’s first try home. When Cuadrado and Muriel converted on their kicks and keeper David Ospina saved England’s third try, Colombia was just one step away from the quarterfinals.

But England would be true on its next two tries and both Uribe and Carlos Bacca missed their attempts to spell heartache for Colombia. After being eliminated on penalties in three World Cups since 1990, England broke its curse on the fourth time and has a clear path to the semifinals with Sweden on the horizon.


  1. It was such a shame to see Colombia adopt such negative tactics. When the team eventually decided to play football after around 80 minutes they showed what a good side they are. Ah well.

  2. Dirty fouling cheats. You can’t win at football, so you try to cheat …and that didn’t work either.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves, Columbia.

    Have a long sad journey home.

  3. The antics employed by the Colombian players were deplorable. They should have been down to ten men for a headbut and their behaviour towards the referee was a disgrace, and scuffing the penalty spot before Kane’s spot kick was childish cheating. I realise some Colobian fans will see it differently but their team last night were a disgrace and deserved to lose.

  4. As an Englishman also, Id like to congratulate Colombia for the great game they gave us – it was a close match, with us winning the lottery that is a penalty shoot out

    Hard luck Colombia – better luck next time

    Next stop for us the Swedes!

  5. I too am English – what is it with south American, Spanish, Portuguese, Mediterranean football teams??
    If they start losing, they cheat – some of the tactics reminded me of a rugby match. Then there’s all the play acting, as if the slightest touch would send a top athlete directly to a hospital emergency room, & then be OK after 20 seconds. Pathetic, & deserve to lose.
    Mark Geiger should have sent off at least 2 players.

  6. It’s sad to see the perpetual cheating by all the South American teams at this year’s word Cup especially in attempt to win the game contravening Fifa fair play rules. Neymar, Suarez, Masherano and Falcao all do a disservice to their respective countries which only encourages younger players and children to play dirty. Karma eventual comes around. Unfortunately these players should be role models to the new generation of players but at present they are not. Looking forward to uraguay/France but expecting the game to be ruined by Suarez.

  7. I’m glad, as an Englishman and an England fan that these thugs of players lost. They deserved every yellow card and the US referee was not harsh enough on these cheats.
    Colombia lost. Get over it.


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