Colombia plebiscite live: results as they happen

By bogotapost October 2, 2016

Colombia plebiscite liveColombia plebiscite live: As the numbers come in from Colombia’s plebiscite, we bring you the live results as they happen. Today the nation voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the question: “Do you support the final accord for the termination of the conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace?”

Results as they happen

4pm: Polling stations have closed. Electoral monitoring reports some issues in certain voting stations. 4 million people may have been unable to vote due to severe weather conditions.

4:10pm: The results are already coming through. Initial count gives 52.97% Yes, and 47.03% No.

4: 15pm: 51.11% Yes and 48.88% No with 15% voting stations counted.

4.29pm: 50.27% Yes and 49.72% No. 31.26% voting stations counted.

4:40pm: 50.05% Yes and 49.94% No. 68.85% voting stations counted.
Voting numbers have nearly reached the minimum required.

4:43pm: 50.00% Yes and 49.99%. 83.08% voting stations counted. (10.681.955 votes)

Bogotá results so far 55.85% Yes, and 44.14% No. (40.13% of votes counted)

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4:48pm: 49.89% Yes and 50.10% No. No takes the lead for the first time today. 90.66% voting stations reported.

4:52pm: The results in Antioquia so far 61.98% No, 31.01% Yes (88.37% voting stations reported)

Plebiscite live

4:55pm: 49.83% Yes, and 50.16% No. (94.63% stations counted)

4:58pm: 49.79% Yes and 50.20% No. (96.74% stations counted)

5:02pm: 49.77% Yes and 50.22% No. (97.88% stations voted)

6,270,730 votes for yes, and 6,328,501 for no.

5:08pm: 49.77% Yes and 50.22% No. (98.45% stations voted)
Voter turnout currently at 37.02%.

Analysts are discussing the consequences of a ‘No’ vote. The FARC have not said what they would do if the nation rejected the agreement – although government negotiators have said that there would be no return to the table.

5:13pm: 49.76% Yes and 50.23% No. (98.85% voting stations counted.)

5:19pm: 49.75% Yes and 50.24% No. (99.08% voting stations counted.)

With just a small percent of the votes still to come, most reports are saying that the ‘No’ has won.