Founder Institute Colombia’s early admissions deadline is August 16th

By Conrad Egusa August 16, 2020

Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, will have its early admissions deadline for its Colombia chapter on August 16th. Aspiring founders should visit here for the application.

The chapter’s final admissions deadline is on September 13th, however those who apply by the early deadline receive a discounted rate and an improved chance of acceptance. 
Headquartered in Silicon Valley and based in over 185 cities, Founder Institute has graduated more than 50 startups from Colombia. Many of the world’s fastest-growing technology companies have used the organization to transition from employee to entrepreneur, test their startup ideas, build a team and to raise funding.

Founder Institute Colombia is led by Maria Camila Ortegón, corporate lawyer at Medellin City Hall, Marian Villa Roldán, CEO at EVERSOCIAL and Pionerasdev, and Nelson Irias, founder of DataLabs Analytics.

Advisors include Julián Arango and Mads Schmidt Petersen.

Founders who complete the Colombia chapter application are invited to take a predictive admission test, which is the organization’s primary method to evaluate applicants. The test, developed by scientists in collaboration with Founder Institute, takes 45 minutes to complete. Any person who is motivated and wants to develop a technology company is eligible to apply.

Said the accelerator’s Co-Founder Jonathan Greechan in an earlier interview, “This is the best time in history to build a digital business.”