Juegos Nacionales in Chocó and Tolima

By bogotapost October 17, 2015

At a press conference on October 6, head of Coldeportes, Andrés Botero Phillipsbourne, announced that five disciplines of the 20th Juegos Nacionales were to change location. The Parque Deportivo de Ibagué was too far behind with their maintenance works, so the five respective disciplines have been rearranged in different places in the country where there are already existing venues.

The biggest concern throughout the year had been whether the stages in Chocó would be ready in time, as some of the grounds there had to be built from scratch this year. But Botero is clear on that, “In Quibdó we are about to finish the venues and we will start there on the 13th of October with the weightlifting tournament”. For Chocó it will be historical, it is the first time in the 86 year old history of the games that they have been appointed as host department despite the many athletes they have produced.

The opening ceremony is on November 6 in the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium in Ibagué and the games will run until November 21. Weightlifting and Inline Skating have a different date because their respective World Championships will be held in November as well, so both disciplines have already started their competitions.

In the next issue, The Bogotá Post will feature a comprehensive guide to the games with a look into the past and present of this event that is held every four years.

By Freek Huigen