Monsieur Periné and others: Live from the stage to your screen

By Jenna Abaakouk August 3, 2019

Bogota’s Teatro Mayor is broadcasting a live stream of 10 of its top artistic performances via the platform TeatroDigital, which can be accessed from all corners of the world.

What is TeatroDigital?

TeatroDigital is a live streaming platform created by Bogotá’s Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in partnership with Bancolombia. The idea is to make artistic performances accessible to a wider audience that goes well beyond the physical theatre walls.

Does it cost anything?

No, the TeatroDigital platform is completely free to access and can be streamed from any device connected to the internet.

Who benefits from this streaming platform?

In short, everyone. Since its launch, it has reached an average of 250,000 users, 192 times the capacity of the theatre hall. The platform also gives artists more visibility, allowing them to reach a much wider audience, both in Colombia and internationally. Whether it’s down to location or preconceptions around theatre, going to the theatre is very different from watching online. So streaming live performances on the internet means they’ll be seen and heard by people who otherwise would not have access.

What’s on now?

This year, in celebration of the capital’s 481st birthday, Bogotá’s Philharmonic Orchestra will be joined by the Latino Grammy award winning group Monsieur Periné. The performance will include hits such as ‘Bailar contigo’, ‘Mi libertad’, ‘La muerte’, ‘La sombra’ amongst others. The band spoke about their excitement, describing the performance as, “A dream we’ve always had, and to think that we are going to play our songs with such talented musicians, with the strength of an orchestra, makes it magical.”

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Where can I access the performance?

Monsieur Periné and the Philharmonic Orchestra’s show will be broadcast live on Sunday, August 4, at 5pm, on, the YouTube channel and Teatro Mayor’s Facebook page.

What else does the platform offer? 

Aside from the performances, there are also animations, interviews, podcasts and articles that go into more depth about the artists all on Teatropedia and TeatroDigital.