Oktoberfest arrives in Bogotá

By Emma Newbery September 23, 2021

Bogota Beer Company are putting the pandemic behind them with a seasonal wheat beer and some Bavarian-style celebrations.

Photo: Louis Hansel on Unsplash

It’s not quite October and — even if the grey skies of Bogotá may feel like Europe — we’re not in Germany. But that hasn’t stopped the BBC from donning their lederhosen and sharpening their pretzels to celebrate Oktoberfest.

Last week, it launched a seasonal Cerveza Blanca, a German-style wheat beer, which is on sale at BBCs throughout the country. Not only do they promise free beer samples at certain times of the day, there’s also a seasonal German menu which, unsurprisingly, features sausages. 

Wheat beers can be a bit of an acquired taste, but they tend to be cloudier (and often fizzier) than lagers. They taste a bit like breathing in bread dough, if that’s a thing.

Bavaria’s global brand director Diego Pomareda said: “With the celebration of BBC Oktoberfest, we want consumers to find different BBC pubs and have experiences that take them to the true German tradition and transport them to the old continent.”

Oktoberfest originated back in 1810 when a royal wedding was celebrated with a horse race. Weddings and races gave way to drinking, as they do. So in the following years, Oktoberfest became an annual festival.

Over 200 years later, here we are drinking wheat beer and eating sausages in Colombia.