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By bogotapost November 11, 2015
Rafael Pardo Peace Minister

Rafael Pardo, newly appointed Advisory Minister for Post Conflict, Human Rights and Security

President Santos announced the creation of the Post Conflict Inter-agency Council, an advisory body that will be responsible for the articulation and implementation of the agreements that are being made in Havana.

Appointing Rafael Pardo as the advisory minister for post conflict, human rights and security, the president said Pardo has all the right experience. “He was advisor for peace to President Virgilio Barco, he led the demobilisation of M-19, he was the first civilian defence minister in the government of President César Gaviria and he was in charge of implementing military training in human rights following the adoption of the Geneva Convention.”

Pardo stepped down from his position in Santos’ administration to run for mayor of Bogotá, before being narrowly beaten by Enrique Peñalosa.

Latest news
  • President Santos has raised the possibility of a Christmas or New Year gift to the nation of an internationally verified ceasefire by January 1. He called on the FARC to accelerate negotiations and close the fifth point on the agenda, the rights of victims.
  • In Havana, there continue to be issues over the text of the September 23 landmark agreement on transitional justice, as FARC claim the government have unilaterally added the words ‘evolving document’ to the text.
  • The Senate have voted against constitutional reform that would allow the FARC to become a political party after the signing of a peace agreement. The issue will be discussed again in Congress.
  • FARC have unveiled a package of proposals that they say are the basis of ‘normal life’ in post conflict, including constitutional protection against extradition and an allocation of seats in the Congress as well as departmental municipal representation.
  • On November 10, FARC leader Timoleón ‘Timochenko’ Jiménez tweeted that he had ordered the suspension of FARC arms and munitions purchases.