Study in Canada: Pathway to success

By bogotapost December 14, 2018

What are the most important things to consider if you want to study in Canada? Here at the London Language Institute, we’ve been working with students from all around the world for the past 20 years, so we know that with a bit of planning you can transform a great experience into an extraordinary one.

First up, think about what city you want to be in. And what you want to achieve during your stay.Canada is a huge country with plenty of nature and plenty of big city life.Remember that Canada has two national languages – French and English– and that some cities, especially in Quebec, speak more French than English.

We are based in London, Ontario – Canada’s tenth largest city, and one that we’d love to welcome you to. It is super popular with students learning English as a second language and has a great mix of music, art and cultural events for you to enjoy.

One important piece of advice, no matter what country you are going to, is to make friends with locals. Many international visitors stay in their comfort zone by hanging out with people from their own country, speaking their own language. It is understandable, but if you come with a different mindset, you will reap the rewards.

For some, language learning is a reason to travel. For others, the fear of speaking a second language is what keeps then at home. The London Language Institute offers small classes for students of all levels. We provide hands on teaching and a multicultural setting for those who wish to focus on general English studies with an emphasis on conversational practice.

If you are planning to study at high school or university,you might want to check out our Pathway Program. We have developed a curriculum that prepares our students for academic courses taught in English. As a result, students who successfully complete the program will receive a conditional letter of acceptance from the University and a letter of acceptance from London Language Institute to pursuit their academic objectives.

Visas are an important factor for many students. If you are planning to study less than six months you can apply for a tourist visa, but any study period longer than six months a study permit is required. You will find additional information regarding visa requirements in this link If you are coming to study English, make sure you register with a designated learning institute like us who can support your study application.

Another important consideration is where to stay. Some students prefer to flat share or go it alone.But for others, we offer homestay families for their time in London. Homestay families are controlled and carefully screened by a London Language Institute coordinator to ensure students will be living in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment.

Making the most of your trip means taking every opportunity to get out and explore. London is located within a two-hour drive of Toronto and Niagara Falls which allows students to travel and experience some of Canada’s most incredible and attractive sites. Do your research and plan out any trips that you want to make or festivals you want to attend. Not only can you save money by booking in advance, but time will fly once you are here and you need to make the most out of every moment.

Our language institute is based at the heart of downtown, so there are plenty of chances to visit the museums or enjoy the city’s many restaurants great shopping centers. London is also known as “The Forest City”with its beautiful parks and walkways along the Thames River.

Money is always an issue for students abroad. Save up as much as you can before you leave, and use our budget planner to get an idea of costs. One of the things that makes London appealing to international students is its low cost of living in comparison to Toronto,Ottawa and Vancouver. Don’t forget to factor in things like medical insurance.

While we are on the topic of planning, pack carefully. There is no point in bringing summer clothes for a Canadian winter. The less you have to buy here, the more cash you have to enjoy your trip. We’d also recommend scanning all your important documents before you leave just in case.

Finally, keep a journal of your travels. Whether you make it into a blog or keep it just for you, that treasure trove of memories will be something to look back on and smile.

This article was sponsored by London Language Institute. We are passionate about helping students to learn English and have a great experience in our school. If you want to study in Canada, get in touch with me, Juan-Pablo at [email protected].