Where to go: Theatre

By bogotapost August 23, 2015

Ositos de goma
A black comedy that provocatively explores the limits and human conflicts that exist in the workplace.
La Casa del Teatro Nacional, Carrera 20 #37-54. Thursday to Saturday at 8pm. Until September 5. Tickets from $25,000.

Una relacion pornografica
Written by Philippe Blasband, this show explores the adventure of love, sexual fantasies, the challenges of living together and the issues of individual freedom in a relationship.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-25. Thursday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm. Until October 11. Tickets $50,000.

Big Bang
A journey through space for adults and children alike, with a stunning show revolving around the creation of the universe, massive planets, shooting stars, meteorites, black holes and alien beings.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Sundays at 11.30am, until September 13. Tickets from $20,000.

“M” de Magia
For all prospective Houdinis and magic lovers, the Comedia Teatro is hosting a magic season for the whole family!
La Comedia Teatro, Carrera 49 #94-06. Tuesdays until December 2015. Tickets $35,000.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
This adaptation of the Mark Twain classic is great fun for the whole family, with a show filled with magic and fantasy.
Teatro Nacional Fanny Mikey, Calle 71 #10-25. Sundays at 2.30pm, until August 23.

De cantina en cantina
Ana, Fernanda and Rocío work in La Cantina, a bar where men go to drown their sorrows. One morning, Fernanda finds a dead body behind the bar, kicking off a musical journey that jumps through a series of situations, oscillating between humour and drama.
Teatro Nacional la Castellana, Calle 95 #47-15. Thursday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm. Until September 20. Tickets from $35,000.

Te estas volviendo Chéjov
The second offering of Teusaquillo’s La Maldita Vanidad’s Russian season. Directed by Manolo Orjuela.
Casa de La Maldita Vanidad, Carrera 19 #45a–17. August 6-30. Thursday to Saturday 8pm. Sundays at 6.30pm. Tickets $30,000.

Viajas en el viento Antígona
Family ties are tested in this tragic Sophoclean tale of deceit, betrayal and love.
Teatro Ditirambo, Calle 45a #14–37. Thursday to Saturday at 7.30pm. Until August 28. Tickets $28,000.

Ese Tal Show No Existe!
“They asked me to do a show about Colombia, so I started looking at the map and even the form of it looked odd…” Join Freddy Beltrán on an 85-minute trip through Colombia and its culture.
Teatro Santa Fe, Calle 57 #17-13. Daily at 8pm, until August 29. Tickets from $45,000.

In-Felizmente Solteras
This romantic comedy returns to Chapinero’s Teatro Santa Fe. Juliana and Mafe are faced with the highs and lows of apartment sharing, whilst Marco has to put up with them…
Teatro Santa Fe, Calle 57 #17-13. Daily at 8pm, until August 26. Tickets from $40,000.

Los Villanos
The Spanish version of Shakespeare’s Villains by Steven Berkoff takes you on a whirlwind tour through Richard III, Hamlet and Macbeth, amongst others.
Teatro Old Mutual, Avenida 19 #109a–30. Thursdays and Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 5pm. Tickets from $40,000.

Popovich Teatro de Mascotas
One for animal lovers and the whole family, as more than 30 animals – mostly rescued dogs and cats – take part in this heartwarming show.
El Campín, Carrera 30 #57, Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm and 8pm. September 5 – 27. Tickets from $44.500.

Las Picardías de Scapin (Scapin’s Deceits)
French playwright Moliére makes it to Bogota, just as Scapin is in charge of financing and organising two weddings…
Teatro Libre, Calle 12B  #2 – 44. Daily at 8pm. Until September 12. Tickets from $20,000.

Tu nombre me sabe a Tango
Tango, dance, glitz and glamour are all wrapped up together in Casa E’s latest offering.
Casa E, Carrera 24 #41-69. Thursday to Saturday at 8pm, Sundays at 6pm. Tickets $35,000.

By Charlotte Mackenzie