Workplace Warrior: The Most Wanted Leadership Qualities

By bogotapost May 28, 2019

Anyone can be a leader but only a select few possess the leadership qualities of a great strong leader. We’ve compiled the most wanted traits.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

This tidbit by Dr. John C. Maxwell shows how important leadership is in every aspect. This may be in leading a marketing team or on a scale as huge as a government bureau. How your department will fare lies in the hands of the one leading it.

This extends beyond company morale. In fact, bad leadership can cost a lot. You can avoid about 9-32% of an organization’s voluntary turnover through better leadership skills.

This is also the case for the 5-10% productivity drag that most organizations run.

Better leadership can address these issues. But what does a good leader or a great leader have?

Let us look at these leadership qualities to understand how to lead your people better:

1. Integrity and Honesty

One of the leadership qualities that resonates today is integrity. This also comes hand in hand with honesty as both seem to reflect each other by principle and application. With it, your followers know that you are worth their respect and loyalty.

Your followers trust you because of your integrity.

2. Good Communication and Empathy

The capability to empathize and communicate well with followers is another strong suit. The capability to pass down your concepts, your vision, and your precepts is through communication. If the transmission went well, it will show in their actions.

But remember that communication is a two-way process. This means you need to also be a good listener and you need to learn empathy. Your followers are people, not simple cogs in a machine.

3. Confidence and Charisma

Great leaders have a sense of confidence in them. Without it, they would end up being unsure and doubtful, not being able to incite others to take action. Charisma and confidence work hand in hand as a quality, bringing forth your will to follow through every action and decision you make.

4. Leadership Competence and Excellence

You may have heard of the words “lead by example.” A leader instills the culture of excellence. One where every person must strive to be the best version of themselves.

This does not stop in showing them, it’s also by teaching them how to conduct them.

Couple this with creativity and you would ensure everyone performs well. Practice executive excellence.

5. Empowerment and Delegation

If a leader does everything on his own, he is not doing it right. When it comes to responsibilities and duties, a great leader must see the importance of their followers. After leading by example, he now teaches and entrusts others of the duties he performs.

Do not spread yourself thin. Give your followers a chance to perform by delegating their responsibilities and empowering them.

6. Humility

A leader must also learn to be humble. They were once followers at some point in their careers, more so in their life. For example, the experience of Humberto de la Calle would be a humbling situation after facing defeat in elections yet he still continues on with humility.

All leaders need to remember to be humble while still leading in confidence in what they can do. Lead with your head up high but with your feet on the ground.

Learn These Leadership Qualities Today!

One good thing about these leadership qualities is that you can learn them. Strive to learn and pick up these traits. They may not come overnight, but these can bring an impact to your team.

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