Bogotá’s emerging entrepreneurs all under one roof at EPICO

By Todd Wills August 2, 2018

Photo credit: Entrepreneurship by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Colombia’s potential for growth as a space for grassroots enterprise will be on full display at an unusual entrepreneurship event in Bogotá on Monday August 6.

EPICO which stands for Entrepreneurship, Product, Innovation, Community, and Outliers, will play host to the emerging names in the startup community, held at the Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá.

What is unusual about the event is that they are bringing together 12 different communities – from the FuckUp Nights to HackLab. Roundtable discussions on themes such as women in technology and entrepreneurship and innovation in Latin America are on the agenda and as many as 20 speakers are scheduled to present.

Juan Cardona, recruitment manager of Bunny Inc which is,a platform for outsourcing creative services, says the event is the first of its kind in the city.

“We want to create the first gathering of meetups in Bogotá,” he said. “We’ve come to understand the power of communities and would like to create this space to learn more and share what we have learned up to now.”

Bunny Inc hopes to create more of these events in the future to cater for the explosion of start-ups and new businesses in the capital.

According to the city’s Cámara de Comercio, 39,177 new businesses were created between January and March 2018 in the capital, of which approximately 99% were micro-sized businesses.

The event will be attended by more than 300 of Bogotá’s movers and shakers on the startup scene and starts at 5pm and will finish at 9.30pm.

Registrations are nearing capacity but you can register for the event at Epico bogota
Address: Carrera 15 #93A-98