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By bogotapost March 10, 2015

new-brick-wall-frontMy, my, my, haven’t we got a corker of an entertainment section for you this time. No time to dilly-dally, here’s what’s in store:

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us and, as well as the various events mentioned throughout our listings, we’ve also got the views and opinions of an actual, real-life Irishman!

We take a ride through the entire cultural spectrum this edition, with articles on Colombian music albums, the country’s cinema festivals, a review of a fairly dark and provocative book and a look at a new animated series about one of Colombia’s heroes.

There’s a look ahead at this year’s Estereo Picnic festival to get you pumped for the event. As if you weren’t already.

Of course we also have everything you’ve come to expect: film reviews, theatre listings and a comprehensive round up of the city’s top events in our Listings.

Big names visit the capital this month, including Ringo Starr (March 6), James Blunt (March 20), Manu Chao (March 15) and Chucho Valdés (March 14), to name but a few.

On March 7 it appears that women rule – although, let’s be honest, was this ever in doubt? GlamourTango boasts an all-female cast, while Latino Power pays homage to the fairer sex, with some of the top local female DJs. The Alta Fidelidad Vinyl Market also brings you music from a number of women DJs.

Now that’s entertainment.

I’m getting a head rush just thinking about all that there is to do, so be sure to enjoy everything that this city has on offer.

Don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know how you get on.

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