Going back to the start: A young Botero returns home

By Daniel Felipe Mateus Rivera August 4, 2018

The latest exhibition to open at the Museo Nacional features the early work of Colombia’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero in ‘El joven maestro. Botero, obra temprana (1948-1963)’.


The work in on display shows the evolution of the famous artist’s stye. Photo: Sandra Vargas, Museo Nacional de Colombia

“What caught my attention most is that Fernando Botero has a unique style that is recognisable all over the world. And through his donations and tributes which have been made by various institutes around the world, Fernando Botero has become a brand – a distinctive personality which can easily be connected to Colombia,” says Christian Padilla, the curator of the exhibition as he tells us more about the artist’s early days.

It is 70 years since the young Antioquian started painting and in this exhibition, you can follow the evolution of his distinct style. His rampant curiosity comes through in these paintings, as well as the influences of other artists.

A particular highlight is the La camera deglisposi (Homenaje a Mantegna) II, which has been specially shipped from Washington and is on display in Colombia for the first time.

The exhibition will run from August 4 to October 28. Carrera 7A #28-66. As Alejandro Suárez, coordinator at the museum, explains, they are “waiting for you with open arms.”