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Corruption prosecution: José Elías Melo sentenced to nearly 12 years

José Elías Melo, former president of Corficolombiana faces 11 years and 9 months in prison and a fine of almost COP$150 million.

Unobtainable work permits offer little hope for migrants in Bogotá

Impossible barriers to work permits have left Venezuelan migrants in Bogotá desperate and more vulnerable.

Migration: ‘Without us, the world would not turn’

The stories of caregivers who migrate to earn money to send home – leaving a care deficit in their own countries.

In the shadow of Los Pachencas

Soon after moving to Colombia, Richard made his dream to create a wildlife reserve in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta a reality. But then he crossed paths with an armed gang that terrorises the region.

Hard times for the JEP

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace looks uncertain after the President raises objections to the transitional justice bill.

Further troubles on the Pan-American Highway

Policeman Boris Alexander Benítez was killed on March 19 during clashes between Minga protesters and public forces on the Pan-American highway.

The buzz: Plants, pasties and Pablo

We take a look at the latest international stories on Colombia, from Escobar to empanadas.
Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

Guzmán: The opposition will be defeated if it doesn’t unite

Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) Photo courtesy of Oficina de prensa JEP Duque’s objections to the JEP presented...

Has time run out for Colombia’s DC-3s?

The first DC-3 took to the air in 1935 and over 80 years later, about 800 are still going worldwide. Last week's tragic crash marks the end of an era.

Border closure pushes migrants fleeing Venezuela towards dangerous routes

A shelter in Pamplona affords sanctuary to weary migrants. Photo by Caterina Weller A day before the failed...