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Petro vs. Rodolfo: Security

Security is perhaps only behind the economy in voter’s minds. Find out what the candidates have to say.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Healthy nation, healthy debates. How Colombia’s presidential candidates...

How might healthcare in Colombia change under Petro or Rodolfo? Our latest analysis of the candidates’ positions shows both men are promising big changes.

Colombia Elections 2022: Hernández vs. Petro on trans rights

As the Colombia election 2022 enters the final fortnight, we’ve been looking at key issues. Today it’s Trans rights on the table in our analysis of Petro and Rodolfo’s positions

Colombian Pass Notes: Galleon San José

The legendary treasure ship is back in the news, so here's a quick summary of the saga of the Galleon San José so far.

How Colombia’s presidential candidates stack up on animal rights: Hernández vs....

We’re looking at both candidates’ positions on certain issues in the run-up to Colombia's presidential election. First up, animal rights.

Colombia Election 2022: Let the second round begin

Leftist Gustavo Petro took the most votes in the first round, but the second round is a different story of fish. We take a look at what's next.

Colombia election results 2022: Petro and Rodolfo go through to the...

Colombian presidential election results. Rodolfo Hernández will join Gustavo Petro in the second round on June 19.

Colombia elections: More than a two-horse race

Colombians will vote today in the first round of the country's 2022 presidential elections. 

Election cheat sheets: Federico Gutiérrez, aka Fico

Currently second in the polls, Federico Gutiérrez aka Fico's slogan is ‘President for the People.’ Find out what he actually proposes to do.

Election cheat sheets: Petro

Confused about the upcoming election? We’re here to help you with a set of cheat sheets on each candidate so you can follow the local news. Today, Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s most divisive political figure since you-know-who.