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Coronavirus leaves tourists stranded in Colombia

As countries around the world struggle to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many tourists are stranded and unable to get home.
Reading in Colombia

So you read a bit more than an average Colombian? Good...

"If you make your living through education or some connection to the written word, then it isn’t acceptable to say you never read". Faye Griffiths stirs up debate as she wonders what can really be read into reading statistics.

Colombia elections: More than a two-horse race

Colombians will vote today in the first round of the country's 2022 presidential elections. 

Opinion: Enemies of the Documentary

Margarita Martinez’s 90-minute documentary “La Negociación” shows the humanity involved during the peace process between the Government and the FARC in the words of...
Colombia police code

New order: New police code

Large scale changes to procedures raise the question of whether the new police code will encourage civic responsibility or lead to increased corruption and abuses, writes Laura Sharkey.

Key medical workers in the coronavirus crisis: The respiratory nurse

Many are working from home, others have no work to go to. Some people, though, are key workers for society in the COVID-19 crisis and have to continue turning up in person.
Colombian victims, Colombia Excombatants, Colombia peace process

Over 100 human rights defenders killed in Colombia this year, according...

Over 100 human rights defenders have been killed in Colombia since the beginning of 2017. According to a report by Reuters, the United Nations...
Colombian presidency, Germán Vargas Lleras, Colombia presidential campaign

2018 Colombian presidential race kicks off

On March 2, with 15 months to go until the presidential elections on May 27 next year, Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras announced that he will step down on March 14 to focus on the presidential campaign.

Constitutional Court decriminalises abortion in Colombia

Landmark decision means women in Colombia can now terminate a pregnancy up to the 24th week.

Elections in Colombia: Senate and Camara

This weekend sees the first of what will probably be three sets of elections in Colombia this year.