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Colombian peace process

FARC and Colombian government ask UN to monitor ceasefire

Negotiators in Havana announced today, Tuesday, January 19 that they had agreed to a tripartite mechanism for monitoring any final ceasefire, which – if...
colombia world cup group preview

Colombia vs England As It Happened: Colombia stumbles in penalty shootout...

*Please note that loading may take a few seconds depending on your browser. England win on penalties 4-3 against Colombia.
Education in Colombia

Educational mobility in Colombia

A recent study from researchers at the Universidad de Los Andes has analysed changes in social and educational mobility in Colombia over the past...

The Buzz: Mosquitos that fight diseases, endangered turtles and donkeys that...

What has the international press picked up about Colombia recently?
Gilberto Torres BP court

Colombian sues BP after kidnap and torture

Twelve years after his kidnap and torture, Gilberto Torres takes BP to court in the UK, accusing them of ‘allowing it to happen’. Charlotte...
trust in Colombia, Colombia peace process

Making Colombians trust again

If you’ve lived in Colombia long enough, you will have heard locals say that you can’t trust anyone here and that you need to be cautious (no des papaya!). Veronika Hoelker and Julia Lledín examine the importance of trust and confidence-building measures in the post-agreement phase.

City on Clampdown: Who’s behind the increased violence in Medellín?

Medellín is facing a crimewave with multiple acts of violence terrorising civilians in various neighbourhoods in the city. So far, murders have been reported...

92% impunity rate for environmental activist murders

New Global Witness report puts Colombia third worst in the world for environmental activist murders.
ex-farc member murdered -Bogota Post

Fourth ex-FARC member murdered in Ituango in less then four months

Former FARC member, Dalaider of Jesús Vásquez, known as Dalaider Ortiz, was murdered on Saturday in the municipality of Ituango, Antioquia in the northwest...
Third Presidential Debate

Election 2018: What you may have missed during the third presidential...

With the frontrunner Iván Duque pulling out due to other campaign commitments, The Gran Debate del Pacifico in the Pacific port town of Buenaventura...