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Farewell Gabriel García Márquez

Bogotanos gathered in the capital’s Plaza Bolivar on Tuesday to pay their respects to Colombia’s Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel García Márquez. The Aracataca-born author, poet...
Privatisation in Colombia, Enrique Peñalosa

On Trial: Privatisation

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, explaining the perspective of both their proponents and their critics. In this edition Mike Mackenna examines privatisation in Bogotá, a hot topic after Mayor Enrique Peñalosa, while not making any concrete promises, hinted at a privatisation plan in his first address to the city council.

What you need to know about Colombia’s national strike

Tensions have been rising in the run up to Colombia’s national strike which will take place tomorrow, November 21.

WOLA: Peace, community killings and unlocking the JEP

"The hope is that the Duque administration does not abandon the peace process nor spend months trying to reform commitments that were already agreed to. It should implement peace in an integral fashion and not pick and choose parts of the accord to follow."

Time for a transportation transformation: The RegioTram

Beyond Metro and TransMilenio, changes in other forms of transport are set to take place in the capital region. With RegioTram, bike lanes, and ride-sharing, residents may have many options for cleaner, more efficient transportation.

Terrorist attacks hit northern Colombia, killing seven police officers and halting...

Seven policemen were killed in northern Colombia at the weekend in three terrorist attacks which have since been attributed to Colombia’s last major rebel...

Colombia’s Universidad de los Andes among Latin America’s top ten universities

Colombian university Universidad de los Andes remains one of the continent’s top universities, according to a recent Times Higher Education report. Appearing at number...

Why we hate the FARC (and not so the paramilitaries)

As new research shows the role the media coverage has played in fuelling misconceptions about the FARC and paramilitaries in the Colombian conflict, Oli Pritchard speaks to Alexandra García who carried out the investigation.

A journey around the world with the history of the cacerolazo

How this peaceful protest method originated and how bogotanos are making it their own.

Bull on: Constitutional court rules bullfighting is legal

A decision by the Constitutional Court means that bullfighting will definitely return to the capital in 2019, thwarting the hopes of animal rights campaigners.