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Avianca ProColombia

Magic realism translates to magic prices

As part of ProColombia’s new ‘Colombia is magical realism’ campaign, Avianca are offering discount flights to Colombia from a wide range of international destinations,...
Venezuela crisis, Venezuela Colombia

Venezuelan crisis spills across the border

Venezuelan crisis – as the situation in the neighbouring country deteriorates, tens of thousands of people cross into Colombia to escape the difficulties.
Transmilenio fare increase

Who’s to blame for the TransMilenio fare hike?

Mike Mackenna presents the case against the three principal suspects for the TransMilenio’s recent COP$200 fare increase, bringing the total cost to COP$2,000 per ticket.

Colombia’s new electronic invoicing system

As of January 2019, all Colombian companies will have to have to use the obligatory e-invoicing system platform to send and receive invoices, with all information going through DIAN, the National Colombian Tax Authority (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales).

New crime measures in Bogotá after spike in robberies

Government statistics from last year show a significant rise in robberies, up by 60% from 2016 to 2017. Chapinero and Usaquén experienced 67% and 76% increases respectively in robberies alone in the twelve month period. More generally, an average of almost 170 robberies are reported daily in the city.

Opinion–De minimis non curat lex: Our moral hazard

The Latin principle de minimis non curat lex suggests that the law cares not for small matters. However, it is how countries treat these...

The Buzz, Colombia in international news outlets

How was Colombia depicted in international media last month?
The Bronx

2,500 riot police raid the Bronx

At dawn on Saturday May 28, more than 2,500 heavily-armed riot police swept through the infamous Bronx neighbourhood in Bogotá’s historic centre, in an attempt to purge the troubled, drug-ravaged community of its long-ignored gang culture.
Colombian peace deal

Colombia approves FARC peace deal: D-Day has almost arrived

On November 30 the Colombian congress ratified the new peace agreement with the FARC, marking the end of over half a decade of conflict and the beginning of a new challenge.
Mass grave in Medellin

Medellin mass grave excavated

A landfill site in Medellin, which may turn out to be one of the world’s largest urban mass graves, is being excavated by forensic...