Dispatches: Migración offices

Bogotá's Migración offices will be familiar to many foreigners in Colombia. Here's a snapshot of one October morning.

Popeye – in his own words

The Colombian hitman cum media pundit Popeye died of cancer today.

Going Local in coronavirus: The Viral versus The Virus

In Colombia, coronavirus conspiracy theories are growing online. Is there an antidote?

Charity Soy Doy keen to get kids eating right with help...

Alejandro González worked at a local consultancy firm in Bogotá for just over 10 years. One year, his company decided to organise a team...
OECD Colombia Santos

Colombia became the 37th OECD country last week. What next?

Colombia has become the second nation in South America and the 37th member country to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It...

Emergency relief efforts continue in Mocoa

Four days after the landslide that devastated Putumayo’s capital, Mocoa, the dead are being returned to their families.
New Police Code Colombia

Decoding the new Colombian Police Code

After six months of police training – and a fair deal of controversy – the new Police Code came into effect on January 30. Ángela Forero-Aponte identifies some of the activities that may now breach the rules.
Colombia maritime borders

Maritime dispute escalates

Colombia and Nicaragua’s decades long dispute over oil rich maritime territory continues after two new cases have been taken to the International Court of...

Opinion: You know your name is mud when Trump tweets

The US – Colombia relationship is currently solid and bipartisan. Trump’s leadership style, Colombia’s continued status as the world’s leading exporter of cocaine, the...

Violent protests in Bogotá leave 7 confirmed dead

Seven die overnight as protest over police brutality spread across the capital.