Pro Christmas opinion, CHristmas list

Crackling over Christmas

Like it or lump it, Christmas is a major event in the calendar year. We listen to both sides of the argument with two people who share very differing views on the festive period
President Santos, Colombian peace process

Is Peace More Costly Than War?

President Santos has pinned his legacy on peace but, according to Adriaan Alsema, he has yet to put his money where his mouth is President...
Prince Charles Colombia

A Blunder of Royal Proportions

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla caused a stir while on their official royal visit to Colombia recently and, since their departure, the situation has only got more heated. Harriet Marsden explains how the memorial to British Colonial invaders was destined to cause a furore from the outset.
Colombian peace

I’m A Friend Of The Enemies Of Peace

Adriaan Alsema rejects the polarisation of Colombians into “allies” and “enemies” of peace

The Big Debate: The estrato system

Last edition we asked for your thoughts on the Colombian estrato system. Two readers got in touch with their views...   Elizabeth Hastings thinks the discussion...
plastic surgery

Plastic Fantastic

Our columnist Adriaan Alsema points out that we are all freaks in our own way, and questions the need for plastic surgery to make ourselves more freakish
Ley Seca

Ley Seca Bleeds Profits Dry

Travis Crockett questions whether the Ley Seca law is really the answer to combating post-World Cup violence...
Police Progress Report

Police: A Progress Report

No doubt you’ve all heard the horror stories: Western travellers in Latin America getting on the wrong side of the law, naively or otherwise,...
Transmilenio Bogota, Female only Transmilenio

A Senseless Solution?

Jenny Boyle expresses her opinions about the recently implemented trial of women-only Transmilenio sections. The Transmilenio debate has opened up a nasty can of worms...

Que Pena Con Usted…

Brendan Corrigan dissects 'que pena', one of Colombia’s favourite phrases It’s not always best practice to translate sayings/phrases in one language directly into another and...