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Game for anything

Dancing in December

Colombian Spanish

Giving thanks

English language self study tips

How to help yourself

Spanish slang, Colombian Spanish

From dawn till dusk

English Grammar, Expressing uncertainty in English

Maybe not

Spanish Slang, Colombian Spanish

Language bank

Colombian Slang, Colombian Spanish

Safe word

Don't miss

Word families, word building

English word building

Transform your language by learning how to make a noun into a verb and a verb into an adjective. Oliver Pritchard explains that it’s all about getting the beginnings and endings right.
Holberton School Software Engineers Colombia

Holberton School Medellín: Training the next generation of software engineers

Holberton School, Medellín. Photo by Sophie Foggin. The Holberton School, first established in San Francisco in 2016,...

Death of grafitero Diego Felipe Becerra: Murder for art’s sake

How the controversial shooting of 16-year-old grafitero Diego Felipe Becerra in Bogotá 8 years ago led to allegations of a police cover-up.

Market Watch: Top 10 Colombian Exports and Imports

Possessing one of the grandest economies in South America, the country holds maximum potential from colombia exports...
Headless model sports long sleeve shirt from Chickend

Made in Medellín: local brands in Colombia’s fashion capital face an...

(Photo courtesy of Chickend) Medellín, Colombia -- Wandering down the tree-lined Via Primavera in Medellín’s fashion district, you’ll...
Saffron-crowned tanager ( yellow head and blue body)

Bird tourism in Colombia takes flight — as threats to vital...

Caption: Saffron-crowned tanager — Photo courtesy of Pedro Arturo Camargo Martinez, Biologist with Asociación Calidris At sunrise last...

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