Subjunctive in Colombian Spanish

Subjuntivo: Who is that WEIRDO?

El subjuntivo (the subjunctive) is a problematic grammar point for Spanish learners. In this guide, we will help you with its most basic uses
Tú vs usted is a thing you must get right

Tu vs Usted: TÚ or not to TÚ? That IS the...

Make the right decision on tú vs usted! Some Colombian people might feel uncomfortable with the ‘wrong’ pronoun when...

Keep up your Spanish during the quarantine

Are you in quarantine alone or with other non-Spanish speakers? Worried that you might backtrack on all of the language progress you have made living in Colombia? For better or worse, you likely have the internet at your fingertips. How to keep your Spanish up to date.

Spanish language: Do you know your eggs?

Do you know eggs-actly how to order huevos for breakfast? We give you some eggs-amples of what to say. It’s no yolk.

Wrong use of Spanish language in the media: Don’t get me...

Spanish language in the media isn't always right. Photo: Elijah O'Donnell, Unsplash We all make mistakes when...

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