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Colombian singer Shakira triumphs once again on the American Music Awards

Colombian singer Shakira triumphed on the American Music Awards last night. In an entertaining show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the...

14 dead, 36 injured after ‘chiva’ bus plummets over precipice

An accident involving a large chiva bus, near Sabanalarga in the Antioquia department, has shocked the country and brought grief to the local community. The...

Colombia’s Liberal Party to hold elections for presidential candidate Sunday

The polls will be open Sunday to elect Colombia's Liberal Party presidential candidate for next year's May elections. Members of Colombia's oldest political party –...
The contrasts of Bogota life affect every aspect of its almost 9 million inhabitants.

What do Bogotanos think about life in the capital?

A new survey reveals the joys and sorrows of life 2600 meters closer to the stars. The 2017 Citizen Perception Survey results are out. Organized...
The World Bank helps pump up Bogota bike use

The World Bank helps pump up Bogota bike use

The Secretary of Mobility and the World Bank have teamed up to get the wheels moving on projects to help benefit cyclists in the...
Humberto de la Calle, elected Liberal Party presidential candidate

Humberto De La Calle: Liberal candidate for the 2018 presidential election

Leading peace process negotiator and former vice president Humberto De La Calle will be on the ballot for the 2018 presidential elections. In a tight election with...

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