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ELN Colombia

ELN ceasefire to begin on October 1

On Monday September 4, negotiators in Quito announced that the government and the ELN have agreed to a bilateral ceasefire. It is the first time that the ELN have agreed to such a ceasefire, which will come into effect on October 1 and run until January 12, 2018.
taximetro colombia

Taximetro set to disappear by December

The Transportation Secretariat announced that the taximetro in all city cabs would start being replaced by a digital platform from August of this year. The move has been presented as a response to rigged meters and overall consumer mistrust in yellow cabs.
Venezuela crisis, Venezuela Colombia

Venezuelan crisis spills across the border

Venezuelan crisis – as the situation in the neighbouring country deteriorates, tens of thousands of people cross into Colombia to escape the difficulties.
UN Mission Colombia attacked

UN Mission Colombia team ambushed

One policeman was injured in Caloto, Cauca when a UN team working to retrieve FARC munitions were ambushed. It is not yet clear who carried out the attack on the group of UN peacebuilders, police and FARC ex-combatants which took place on Sunday August 6.
Uribe Samper

Uribe forced to retract claims

Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez has retracted his controversial claim that the influential social commentator Daniel Samper Ospina was a child rapist.
Andino bombing, Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo

Far-left activists blamed for Andino bombing

Authorities have blamed the almost-unheard-of far-left group Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP) for the tragic Andino bombing at the shopping centre on June 17 that left two Colombians and one French national dead.
Galeón San José

Galeón San José: Galleons of gold

Following the discovery of the Spanish Galeón San José after more than 300 years below the waves, plans are now afoot to explore the wreck and bring it to land.
Social activists

Social activists continue to be murdered

Black weekend at the start of July with deaths of two more social activists. Amnesty International says killings ‘will leave an indelible stain on any resulting peace accord.’
FARC arms, FARC arms

Peace process latest July

On June 27, the FARC completed its disarmament process in a historic ceremony held in the central town of Mesetas, Meta. A UN mission verified the handover of 7,132 personal weapons that are now stored in special containers, ready to be shipped off and melted down.
Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: What the frack?

Hydraulic fracturing – or simply ‘fracking’ – is a method of extracting oil and gas which has made its way from the US across most of South America and is in exploratory stages in Colombia. The possibility that fracking in Colombia might be allowed has sparked controversy – Steffan Frydkjær finds out more about this controversial extraction method.