Migration stories from the Darien

A new exhibition at the Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez highlights the dangers of migration in the northwest of Colombia. We found out more from the artist and two young would-be migrants.
Colombia match Melbz

Colombia – England: Bring out the Lioness tamers

An impressive Colombia team faces England in a World Cup final at daft o'clock in the morning. Set your alarm for this one.
Premier League trophy in Colombian flag colours to illustrate article on Colombian players. By Tom Ruzyllo.

5 Colombian players set to light up the Premier League in...

Five Colombian players remain in the Premier League. What roles might they have in the upcoming season? Tom Ruzyllo has the lowdown for you.
President Gustavo Petro after one year. From the President's office.

Petro: Year One

After one year of Gustavo Petro, how has Colombia's first leftist leader done? We chart the ups, downs and shrugs on his first anniversary.

Going Local: Salvatore Mancuso – Truth Will Out

Salvatore Mancuso's JEP testimony raises questions about how the AUC's crimes should be handled, and how far up the ladder things went.

Meet Astrid and Ilsa, two Indigenous leaders fighting for women’s rights...

Astrid Milena González is an Indigenous leader from the Embera Chamí people based in the Sabaleta reserve who has been fighting for greater institutional representation and support for women’s rights in Chocó. 
Flag of the FARC-EP

Iván Mordisco: back from the dead

The reappearance of the FARC EMC guerrilla leader, armed to the teeth, spooks the Colombian peace process.
Narcohippo wallowing in river

Hippos need culling, says report

Colombia is home to 200 hippos, according to a report which proposes hunting those which escaped from drug baron Escobar’s ranch in the 1990s
Salt Cathedral ready for a homecoming by Cynthia Villamil

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: ‘There’s this great musical heritage in Colombia...

With Festival Estéreo Picnic just around the corner, we’re covering the local bands set to light up the event. Today it’s the...
Llilli chill at FEP

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: llilli 

Bogotá-based musical collective llilli promise to kick off FEP 2023 in style  Felipe and Pablo at the...