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Tumaco Killings, thousands displaced

At least 1500 people displaced in Tumaco due to armed groups

Following the October 5th violence in Tumaco, which left 6 dead and 12 injured, The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)...
The Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Delayed justice, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace is a cornerstone of the Havana peace agreement, but getting it through congress is proving tricky. Peace correspondent Veronika Hölker explains why.
Court rules FARC peace accord can not be amended for 12 years

Court rules FARC peace deal cannot be amended for 12 years

The Colombian Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that the peace accord reached last year between the government and the FARC rebels is to be...
Panama Papers

Panama Papers investigation leads to arrest of top Colombian executives

Andrés Jiménez, Colombia's chief financial ​prosecutor, announced that at least 19 prominent Colombian business people have now been arrested or indicted for their potential involvement in the money-laundering scandal which rocked the world back in 2015.

Corruption in Colombia is among the worst in the region

According to a recent report by Transparency International (TI), Colombia is ranked as one of the worst countries in Latin America and the Caribbean...
Avianca pilot strike

Avianca pilot strike: Turbulent times continue

Avianca pilot strike continues to affect air travel in Colombia. In the third week there is no sign on an agreement yet, We set out the different events affecting the strike.

Authorities indicate police participated in Tumaco killing

At least six people have been killed and over 50 injured during clashes between farmers and security forces in the southwestern municipality of Tumaco.

Territorial peace: Coexistence, trust and empathy

The idea of “territorial peace” is repeated at least 118 times in the peace agreement. It is a thorny issue, not least because of the complex demographics in rural Colombia where citizens may have been victimised by several different players, and members of the same family may have belonged to opposing sides of the conflict.
Avianca pilot strike

Avianca pilot strike pushed to arbitration

The government has stepped in after tensions deepened on both sides of the Avianca pilot strike. The case will now go to arbitration as the country’s biggest airline have failed to reach an agreement with the striking pilots.

Graffiti in Bogotá: Urban art versus conservation

Wander up the narrow streets of La Candelaria that lead to the Chorro de Quevedo, the plaza packed with chicha-guzzling punters and street performers, and you might notice that some of the buildings have a new white-washed appearance. They've been painted (including painting over the graffiti) as part of an (IDPC) initiative to preserve the city’s heritage sites.