Cocaine cash fuels conflict: ‘It’s the (narco) economy, stupid’

Many rural communities remain plagued by violence, in spite of the peace agreement with the FARC. This reveals the endless tussle over cocaine, both its production and distribution, to be the true cause of conflict in Colombia.

ColaborAmérica Medellin 2018: Where is Latin America’s place in the sharing...

Last week in Medellín’s Parque Explora nearly 700 people from Latin America and around the world waded through clusters of children on class trips...
Franco Armani

With Argentina’s starter out, keeper Franco Armani may get his golden...

The cruel flipside to injuries is that, though they may spoil chances for one player, they open the door for another. Argentina's starting goalkeeper Sergio...
Illegal mining Colombia

Illegal mining takes five more lives

Tragedy struck on Friday April 1 when an illegal gold mine collapsed in Santander de Quilichao, Cauca, trapping eighteen miners, five of whom were killed.
Gran Colombia Gold Colombia

Gran Colombia Gold threatens USD$700 million lawsuit

The constitutional court has ruled in favour of miners and residents in the town of Marmato, Caldas, by ordering the Canadian company Gran Colombia Gold to perform “prior consultation” with residents before continuing with their open-pit gold-mining operations.

Liga Águila round-up: Millonarios keep playoff hopes alive

After match day 16 of the 2018 Liga Águila Clausura, only three teams have guaranteed their spot in the quarter finals. And with three...
Intern Colombia

Intern Colombia: Interning internationally

Companies and candidates are discovering that international intern programmes offer more than just job opportunities – these are cultural exchanges that contribute to changing perceptions and deepening perspectives.

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...
Oli's Big Topic

Oli’s Big Topic: Have you become a bitter foreigner?

We all have our own reasons for leaving our countries of birth and journeying across the oceans before washing up here in Colombia. Make sure those reasons remain. If you’re in Colombia simply out of laziness or a lack of momentum, maybe it’s time to start thinking about continuing your adventure from here. If bitterness is settling in and you’re here merely because you don’t know how to leave, then it’s time to start looking at exit plans.
Eln Colombia

ELN: a chance for a ‘complete’ peace

Following the joint announcement on March 30 that the ELN and the Colombian government will begin the public phase of peace talks, Veronika Hoelker analyses the impact of the ELN beginning this phase of talks in the context of other peace setbacks