Craft beer is steaming along with another festival in Bogotá

By Emma Newbery October 20, 2017

Craft beerWith the explosion of craft beer in the city, there’s a corresponding explosion of beer festivals – chances to quaff the latest creations from the city’s master brewers.

“We’re very excited for the fourth edition of the craft beer festival, our main goal is to diversify the craft beer culture within the Colombian consumers, and help educate them by generating new spaces and experiences surrounding the craft movement,” Sergio Cabrera, co-organiser told us.

On October 21 at the Multiparque, up to 3,000 people are expected to gather north of the wall for a huge celebration of craft beer at the IV festival de cerveceros. Not only will you get to sample some great beer, but you get to go there on a train. A steam train at that. And if you get the $50,000 ticket (which includes entrance and the return journey), you’ll even get a free beer on the way.

Trains aside (even if it is a steam train), the organisers say that there will be 20 local and national breweries present, no doubt accompanied by the usual clamour of music, food and beer pong.

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Whether you’re a full-on craft beer aficionado or only just graduating your taste buds up from Poker, there’ll be plenty to choose from. And if you are a craft beer newbie, this group of wise old lushes are including a booklet about craft beer as part of the ticket price.

You can expect some interesting IPAs, the usual mix of brown ales and some full-bodied (very high ABV) stouts and porters. Some creative craft-beer sparks are bound to have experimented by adding fruit, spices or chilli pepper to the brew. Those are usually the ones you only want to try once.

Watch out for the eight (or more) per-centers, they are likely to make the train ride home more wobbly than you might want.

Multiparque, Autopista Norte #224-60

Pets are welcome in the park but not on the train.

12 noon-midnight – check out their website for train times.

Entrance to the festival (without train): $20,000