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fourth presidential debate

Election 2018: Grading the fourth presidential debate

After having a more sedate sit-down affair in the coffee region, the presidential debates moved on Bogotá last Friday. And while the fourth televised...
Third Presidential Debate

Election 2018: What you may have missed during the third presidential debate

With the frontrunner Iván Duque pulling out due to other campaign commitments, The Gran Debate del Pacifico in the Pacific port town of Buenaventura...

Election 2018: Grading the Second Presidential Debate

With raucous crowds, catcalls and jeers of over 3,000 students interrupting many of the answers, it was fitting that the second presidential debate took...

Election 2018: First presidential debate provides sharp contrast between the candidates, if little fireworks

The first presidential debate kicked off last night and, despite little in the way of fireworks, the candidates were able to display sharp contrasts...

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Healthy nation, healthy debates. How Colombia’s presidential candidates compare on healthcare

How might healthcare in Colombia change under Petro or Rodolfo? Our latest analysis of the candidates’ positions shows both men are promising big changes.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: How Colombia’s presidential candidates compare on education.

School is in for both Petro and Rodolfo in the Colombian presidential election. Sit down in front of the whiteboard and see their education proposals!

Opinion: The great debaters

The debate proposed by Senators Angelica Lozano, Gustavo Petro and Jorge Enrique Robledo to discuss the corruption scandals that involve some of the most...
Presidential elections in Colombia

2018 Presidential elections in Colombia

The 2018 Presidential elections in Colombia will take place on May 27 and June 17. We've got everything you need to know - who the candidates are, what the main parties stand for, what issues matter, and what is 'voto en blanco'.

A tale of two mayors: Debate sideshow rolls through Bogotá

After a total of umpteen debates, it was finally Bogotá’s turn to have the presidential candidates nut over the issues that concern Colombia’s capital...

No More Presidential Re-elections

Congress approves new law banning presidential re-election, backtracks on mandatory voting   SIX MONTHS after President Juan Manuel Santos’ re-election, last week Colombia’s Senate approved a...