Small businesses suffer from the coronavirus lockdown

As talk grows of an extension to the national quarantine, many small businesses are worried.

Business culture insights: Timing is everything

In the first of a series of interviews with prominent figures on Colombian business culture, Olly West talks to Andrew Wright, CEO of UK...
urban regeneration

What can Bogotá learn from London’s post-war transformation?

As Colombia’s authorities focus on the domestic agenda, high quality, sustainable urban regeneration must sit close to the top of their priorities.
Doing Business in Colombia

Business culture insights: How to know if somebody means yes

In the second of our series on Colombian business culture, Olly West speaks to Santiago Osorio, co-founder of Bogota-based hedge fund Andean Capital. Osorio...
Minimum wage

Minimum wage sees 5.9% increase

The government has set the minimum monthly salary at COP$781,242 for 2018 – up 5.9% (COP$43,525) from last year. The figure is a key benchmark for a number of financial elements: not only does it impact the wages of all public workers and some private ones, it also affects costs of everything from public transport to service fees and various fines. Private companies are not obliged to follow the salary rise, though many do.

Green gold, black gold, avocados vs oil

One fuels your car, the other seems to fuel instagram, but which is a better foundation for Colombia’s economic future?
Colombian corruption

Combating the Colombian corruption crisis

As Odebrecht admits to bribery on a massive international scale, Emily Hastings examines the impact that corruption has on Colombia and how things might change in the future.

Christmas after Christmas: How a Colombian ad exec helped demobilize guerrillas...

In 2000, about 30,000 guerrillas were operating in Colombia and between 2006 and 2014 approximately 18,000 of them demobilized in part due to the...

Finalists for Colombia Startup 2018 announced

  Colombia Startup 2018 is now underway having announced the final eighteen startups for their summit this November. The finalists were chosen from 300 startups...

Coronavirus economy: The outlook is bleak for Colombia

Coronavirus has hit the economy of Colombia hard, but just how bad are the long-term prospects? We take a look at what could happen post-virus.