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Coca spraying in Colombia

Coca crop spraying: Poison from above no more

Colombia made the right decision to stop dropping a potentially carcinogenic herbicide on isolated rural communities that grow coca in order to survive, argues analyst Adam Isacson
Totó La Momposina

Totó La Momposina – an icon of Colombian music

Totó la Momposina, one of Colombian folk music’s most influential artists, celebrates a whopping 50 years in the music industry and a life dedicated to the spirited job of reviving and spreading Afro-Colombian sounds to the world.
Mocoa Colombia Landslides

Mocoa: Preventing future disaster

The disaster that cost hundreds of lives in Mocoa was far from an isolated event. Gerald Barr looks at the tragic history of landslides in Colombia and what isn’t being done to prevent them in the future.
post-conflict Colombia

One year in post-conflict Colombia: Pieces of peace

November 24, 2016, saw the understated signing of the revised peace accord between the Colombian government and the FARC. This first year of post-conflict has seen its fair share of challenges – most recently the amendments to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) which some insiders dubbed ‘the worst crisis in peace process yet.’
colombia egypt live blog

Colombia ties Egypt 0-0 in friendly: As it happened

Colombia's national team returns to the pitch today to take on fellow World Cup qualifier Egypt in a key tune-up before things kick off...
Colombian election

Colombia elections: Duque comes out on top in legislative elections

Voting in the senatorial and congressional elections saw plenty of drama, but when the dust settled there were few surprises. Ordóñez has been forced to give up his presidential hopes after Duque took ten times the number of votes.
Colombia Tierra de Sabrosura

New tourist campaign enshrines 9 uniquely Colombian rhythms as Cultural Heritage...

Nine exclusively Colombian rhythms have been declared Cultural Heritage of the Americas, thanks to a tourism campaign run by ProColombia, the government entity in...
Ley Seca

Ley Seca Bleeds Profits Dry

Travis Crockett questions whether the Ley Seca law is really the answer to combating post-World Cup violence...
Jericó AngloGold Ashanti

Jericó votes to ban mining

With a six to four vote, the Jericó city council approved a draft agreement which prohibits mining in the territory, with others expected to follow suit.

Dayro Moreno dismissed by Atlético Nacional after fight with teammate

Atlético Nacional have dismissed striker Dayro Moreno, following an on field scrap with teammate Jeison Lucumí in Sunday night's Liga Águila match against Deportivo...