Intern Colombia

Intern Colombia: Interning internationally

Companies and candidates are discovering that international intern programmes offer more than just job opportunities – these are cultural exchanges that contribute to changing perceptions and deepening perspectives.
Ley Seca

Ley Seca Bleeds Profits Dry

Travis Crockett questions whether the Ley Seca law is really the answer to combating post-World Cup violence...
Santos war on drugs

Santos says war on drugs is not working

In recent years, Colombia has been a leading voice in saying that the ‘war on drugs’ is not working. Elly Darkin investigates some of...

Fish in the Cauca River face an environmental crisis

Environmental woes in Valle de Cauca continue as waste water and searing heat combine to cause catastrophic consequences to the Cauca River and its...
Colombia Venezuela relations

Colombia-Venezuela relations under strain

The already-strained relations between Colombia and Venezuela have deteriorated further in recent weeks with a string of incidents that have put pressure on the two countries.
Barista and Farmer

Baristas find out where their beans come from

A Colombian has been crowned the king of this year’s Barista and Farmer competition in a reality TV show that captures all the arts of coffee-making – from growing, harvesting and pulping to roasting, grinding and preparation.
Wilson Borja, Día de la Afrocolombianidad, Afro-Colombian Day

Wilson Borja: Artivismo – where art and activism meet

As part of our special on Día de la Afrocolombianidad, artist Wilson Borja chats to Phoebe Hopson about using his craft to express his political views, and the whitening and appropriation of black culture.
Colombia same sex adoption

Same-sex adoption: More homes for more children

Constitutional court rules 6-2 in favour of same-sex adoption. “A person’s sexual orientation or gender are not in and of themselves indicative of a lack...

Improving the fundamentals of construction in Colombia

Around 10 million Colombians live in houses that are poorly built, unsafe and hazardous to their health. Add the country's permanent risk of natural...

Liga Águila round-up: Millonarios keep playoff hopes alive

After match day 16 of the 2018 Liga Águila Clausura, only three teams have guaranteed their spot in the quarter finals. And with three...