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Brightly-colored frogs illuminate Colombia’s battle against animal trafficking

A few weeks ago at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogóta, police thwarted smugglers’ attempt to transport over 200 poisonous frogs into Germany....
Credit: Edgar Zuñiga, Flicr

Taxi drivers on strike disrupt Bogota traffic

At 4:00 AM on Monday, hundreds of taxi drivers took over several main streets of the Colombian capital, declaring a strike to demand safety...

Heal the world

Arhuaco spiritual leader, el mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo Arroyo, speaks about his mission to create a greater consciousness towards the planet.

Crime at Christmas

It’s not all canezalos and candles; the festive season in Bogota also heralds a jump in crime. We examine the phenomenon and how to avoid becoming a victim
Rafael Uribe Noguera, Yuliana Samboní

Rafael Uribe Noguera trial to begin this month

The trial of Rafael Uribe Noguera, who has been charged with aggravated femicide, kidnapping and rape, is set to begin on January 11. If he is found guilty, he could serve up to 60 years – the maximum sentence allowed by Colombian law.
Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: What the frack?

Hydraulic fracturing – or simply ‘fracking’ – is a method of extracting oil and gas which has made its way from the US across most of South America and is in exploratory stages in Colombia. The possibility that fracking in Colombia might be allowed has sparked controversy – Steffan Frydkjær finds out more about this controversial extraction method.
colombia world cup roster

Here is Colombia’s final World Cup roster for Russia

Though Colombia's Football Federation (FCF) has yet to officially announce its final 23-man roster, we got a clear look at who's going to Russia...

The evolution of Colombian Spanish:  A Colombian linguist tells it like...

Given the varieties of Spanish that are spoken in Colombia, the Bogotá Post enlisted the help of forensic linguist Rafael Orozco about assimilation, how...

Colombia snapped up!

A new book brings beauty and diversity in an instant... When photographer Matthew O’Brien came to Colombia in 2003, to cover the Concurso Nacional de...
student camp

Students trek to the capital and camp out before protests

Hundreds of student protesters camp in the Universidad Nacional before the biggest demonstration yet.