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Colombian strikes hold up country

Less than halfway through the year, Colombia has seen a significant number of civil and union strikes across the territory, with teachers’ strikes in major cities and civil action in Chocó and Buenaventura.
Colombia Schengen Visa

Schengen opens its doors

As Schengen countries sign off on visa-free access for Colombians and Peruvians, Daniel Steel speaks to the Spanish Consul General about what the decision...
Journalism in Colombia

Journalism in Colombia

We take a look at different perspectives on journalism in Colombia, with Cristian Valencia, Hollman Morris and Kevin Howlett all sharing their thoughts on the industry today

Buenaventura: Violence without end

Last year, the Colombian port town of Buenaventura found itself in the international media spotlight due to its shocking levels of violence. We look at the situation as it stands today.
Activists Colombia, Activists deaths

Colombian activists hit hardest by spiralling violence

As Colombian activists, human rights workers, and community leaders continue to be attacked throughout the country, Emma Newbery looks at the causes they are fighting for.
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Taxi drivers on strike disrupt Bogota traffic

At 4:00 AM on Monday, hundreds of taxi drivers took over several main streets of the Colombian capital, declaring a strike to demand safety...
Coral reefs

If the coral reefs disappear, so will 30% of the ocean’s...

With some scientists warning that the world's coral reefs will have been destroyed by 2050, we speak to Colombian marine biologist Mauricio Molano about the conservation work he is doing.
Natalia Springer

Top stories of 2015: The odyssey of Natalia Springer

Mike Mackenna explains how “expert” analyst and alleged world-class scam artist Natalia Springer was able to make millions of dollars turning in poorly regarded...
Doing business in Colombia

Colombia: Land of opportunity?

Laura Sharkey speaks to Oliver Wack, senior analyst at Control Risks global risk consultancy, to discuss some of the biggest investment risks and...
Post-plebiscite questions

What next? Post-plebiscite questions and possibilities

While the ‘No’ vote presented a major setback on the road towards peace and raised a lot of post-plebiscite questions, there is also the small hope that it could represent an opportunity to lay a stronger foundation for an agreement, with more buy-in from this divided society.