Colombia quarantine day 2: Ways to enjoy Colombia during the shut down

By bogotapost March 21, 2020

We continue to focus on virtual Colombia with more ways to stay entertained during the quarantine.

toto la momposina
Totó La Momposina is our daily tip to get another touch of Colombian music.

As Bogotá’s quarantine goes into its second day, people report they can see further from their windows than they have in a while. Some are out to walk dogs or shop, but many more are staying in to stop the spread of COVID-19.

It’s unlikely that traffic on WhatsApp has ever been this high so let’s all hope that the internet doesn’t fall over – especially since the whole country will be quarantined from March 24 to April 13

Bogotá quarantine day 1: Keep sane and entertained

Yesterday we brought you some virtual museum/gallery trips and a bit of leftfield indie, today we’re all about the ‘live’ action.

A new live concert experience

Caracol Radio, in collaboration with Radioaktiva, Tropicana, Oxígeno, Bésame, Los 40, and W Radio will host a live virtual concert at 5 pm today. It will stream on the official Caracol Radio channel, on YouTube, the W Radio Facebook page, and at

David Saenz, TV and radio host and drummer of the Colombian rock group, Pirañas will host the show, which will feature Colombian vallenato star Carlos Vives. Here’s a quick rundown of who else will take the stage:

  • Caleña singer and actress Greeicy, best known for her acting in telenovelas like La Pola and Venganza.
  • Mike Bahía, who rose to prominence after his appearance on Colombia’s version of The Voice, is a singer known for his hits “Estar Contigo” and his recent duet with Greeicy, “Amantes.”
  • Santiago Cruz is a pop singer and composer originally from Ibagué, best known for his five-album solo career and his collaborations with musicians like Carlos Vives.
  • Gusi is a pop/reggeaton crooner, best known for singles like “Te quiero Tanto” and the most recent hit “Ganas.”
  • Don Tetto is a 17-year-old Colombian rock band known for creating and producing annual event and celebration, “El día del rock Colombia.”
  • The Mills is a Bogotá-based alternative rock band, whose first album, Babel, reached No. 1 with Radioaktiva. Check out their 2018 ode to Bogotá, “Te amo Bogotá.”
  • Pipe Peláez is a Colombian-Venezuelan singer.
  • SubCantante is the stage name for Colombian musician Mario Andrés Muñoz Onofre, lead singer for rock band, Doctor Krápula. 
  • Chabuco is the vallenato singer, composer and producer Jose Darío Martínez Acosta from Valledupar.
  • Jessi Uribe, a Barranquilla native, is best known for his participation in Colombian reality TV programmes like La Voz Colombia and A otro nivel. 
  • Paola Jara is a well-known paisa singer of Colombian popular music.
  • Manuel Medrano, hailing from Cartagena, is a pop artist best known for his first hit single, “Bajo el agua.”
  • Superlitio, a rock band from Cali, has been on the Colombian rock scene for almost two decades. They won the “best new artist” category at the 2004 Latin Grammy awards.

The live music spectacular will be available to stream on the official Caracol Radio channel, on YouTube, the W Radio Facebook page, and at Thanks to this collaboration, you can enjoy this free virtual concert from home. 

Watch a classic movie

It’s sometimes difficult to get hold of classic Colombian movies or documentaries online, but tonight you can watch the outstanding Gente de bien, Bogotano director Franco Lolli’s first feature film.

The French-Colombian film premiered in 2015 and tackles inequality, the morals of what it means to be a “good person” and how hard it is to bridge social gaps. Starring celebrated actress Alejandra Borrero, you can catch it on Señal Colombia at 8pm.

Don’t stop the music

Hopefully it-s going to be a sunny day, but even if it’s not, get some sunshine into your life by listening to some tropical songs. Start off with some cumbia from the northern coast. If that doesn’t lift your mood and have you swaying around the apartment, you’re soft in the head. We’ve gone with Totó La Momposina, because we love her and she once gave our deputy editor, Oli a pronunciation lesson. This is El Pescador

After that, take a run up the coast to Valledupar in César. Valledupar means two things: Old Parr whisky, and of course vallenato. This is heaven for anyone who loves an accordion or two. Now, he’s controversial, but our man here has to be Diomedes Díaz, ‘El Cacique’. He’s known as the chief because he was at least as rock star as Mick Jagger, and we’re even giving you a karaoke opportunity with this video of amarte mas no puedo.

And finally, we’re off to a completely different part of Colombia. Saddle up your horse and shriek to the skies as we get ready for some joropo. This isn’t fully Colombian, as it shares a heritage with the venezuelan plains, but this Orinoco-based genre features delightfully lilting harps. This has to be El Cholo Valderrama. He’s lying a bit here – he was born in dreary Sogamoso – but Sí Soy Llanero will transport you at once to the Casanare plains. Yeeeeeee-ha! 

Go to the Museo de la Independencia

Bogotá’s museums have been instructed to generate virtual content, which is a bit of a tall order in a short space of time. But they are certainly trying – some more successfully than others. Under the hashtag #MuseosEnCasa, you’ll find various videos and images. 

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We liked the Museo de la Independencia / Casa del Florero’s slide show showing illustrations of the role of women – and the ideal woman – through the ages. Rather than try to take you on a poorly-made video tour, you can flick through the slides and read the information.The Bogotá Post team may be quarantined but we’re here for any questions/suggestions you might have. If you’ve got quarantine experiences you want to share or questions you want answered, email us or connect on facebook or twitter.