Festival Teatro Alternativo Bogotá

Bogotá theatre month

March sees the city go theatre crazy, with dozens of venues and public spaces getting taken over by thespians. Azzam Alkadhi explores two alternative theatre festivals in the capital.
Holland House, FILBo 2016

Inside Holland House at FILBo

With FILBo in full swing, there’s still plenty of time left to enjoy the city’s biggest book event of the year, with a host of speakers still on the schedule, all sorts of exhibitions and stands to check out and the unmissable orange Holland House.
Colombian crafts

Colombian crafts for dummies

With the help of experts, Jazid Contreras examines some of the most iconic Colombian handicrafts. He delves into their origins in order to give you a beginner’s guide to the colourful and diverse realm of arteanías, just in time for Expoartesanías, the annual craft fair in Corferias and, of course, the holiday shopping season.
Spanish chatting

Spanish chatting: Esk no c txtr :(

Chat away to your heart’s content with our guide to smartphone Spanish chatting.
sporting Spanish, Colombia Olympics

Sporting Spanish – En sus marcas, listos, ¡fuera!

We’re nearing the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and if you’re anything like us, your sporting Spanish could use a little brushing up. Katie Jacoby journeys the lexical road to Rio with a guide to give you everything you need to go for gold in Spanish.
La Mesa food tour Bogotá

La Mesa: A tasty way to experience Bogotá

With the number of holidaymakers visiting Colombia growing rapidly every year, it is no surprise that food tours are fast becoming one of the top things to do. Laura Brown visits La Mesa and looks at some of what’s on offer.
The Colombian Ambush

‘The Colombian Ambush’: The videos that trick gringos into learning about...

A baker from Marinilla, a street seller from Santuario, a manager from Bogotá, a fisherman from Cartagena, a coffee-maker from Tolima, a farmer from...
Spanish Language Agreements

Agree to disagree: How to form agreements in Spanish

Having problems sounding like a native speaker in Spanish? Agreements might be why.
Casanare Colombia

Mi Casanare es su Casanare

Casanare is not at the top of many people’s lists when it comes to Colombian departments. Colombia’s wild wild east is chock-full of capybaras, caiman and other animals, as well as spectacular scenery and generous servings of meat, as Oliver Pritchard discovers.
Dia Sin Carro Bogota

Both sides: No car day

The recent Dia Sin Carro in Bogota caused much debate. We look at the argument for both sides as our correspondents give their opinions for and against.