Rafael Uribe Noguera, Yuliana Andrea Samboní

Colombia’s peace and a murdered child

The murder of Yuliana Andrea Samboní has shocked the nation. Daniel Ogalde argues that it is a reflection of inequalities that have been exacerbated by conflict, and that the peace agreement is only the first step towards healing Colombian society.

Oli’s big topic: You’re not Batman

Taking the law into your own hands isn’t the sign of a functioning society.

Independent worker’s visas: a question of degrees

Colombia's visa rules are getting stricter, which has lead to an attack on the freedom of the press that has already forced several journalists to leave.

Opinion: Has Colombian football overcome the tragedy of Andrés Escobar?

Vengeance, football, murder: the infamous end of Andrés Escobar is the very real story of what can occur when on-field mistakes result in real...
President Santos, Colombian peace process

Is Peace More Costly Than War?

President Santos has pinned his legacy on peace but, according to Adriaan Alsema, he has yet to put his money where his mouth is President...
Gustavo Petro Bogotá

All in the family

While some might say that questionable connections are a part of political life, Mike Mackenna argues that Gustavo Petro gave special treatment to his in-laws and their connections at the expense of the city.
Coca spraying in Colombia

Coca crop spraying: Poison from above no more

Colombia made the right decision to stop dropping a potentially carcinogenic herbicide on isolated rural communities that grow coca in order to survive, argues analyst Adam Isacson

Too little, too late for one Venezuelan family

The story of Rosangela and her family – wheelchair-bound Rosangela died as the family tried to build a new life in Riohacha.
Government sells Isagen

Blowing a fuse over Isagen

In a trend no one could have predicted, pawn shop based reality shows like Pawn Stars have taken over your television. Mike Mackenna asks why Santos is selling off the state’s crown jewel.
ELN Colombia

Opinion: Beating the drums of war

Thursday’s attack by the left-wing National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group at the General Santander Police Academy...