Colombian tax system, Colombian RUT

Taxing times

Faye Griffiths argues that we have a moral responsibility to pay tax - even in a country with a history of corruption While I should’ve...
Colombia’s Meaning of Liff

Colombia’s Meaning of Liff…

Sometimes we stumble on things or situations we have no words for. Steve Hide begins a new dictionary using place names to describe the indescribable.
Colombian Peace Process

On Trial: The peace process

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we will put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, trying to explain the...
Gustavo Petro Bogota Mayor

On trial: Gustavo Petro

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we will put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, trying to explain the perspective of both their fans and their critics. In this edition we put on trial the outgoing Bogotá mayor Gustavo Petro.
Reading in Colombia

So you read a bit more than an average Colombian? Good...

"If you make your living through education or some connection to the written word, then it isn’t acceptable to say you never read". Faye Griffiths stirs up debate as she wonders what can really be read into reading statistics.

‘Victims are treated like criminals’

In the small hours of Monday, May 28, 2012, Rosa Elvira Cely died alone in Bogotá’s Santa Clara Hospital. She was 35 years old. Hers is an appalling tale of multiple failings on behalf of the state and of the endemic political culture of impunity and victim-blaming.
trust in Colombia, Colombia peace process

Making Colombians trust again

If you’ve lived in Colombia long enough, you will have heard locals say that you can’t trust anyone here and that you need to be cautious (no des papaya!). Veronika Hoelker and Julia Lledín examine the importance of trust and confidence-building measures in the post-agreement phase.
FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Guzmán: The FARC share the blame for the peace agreement’s failure

Colombia's government signed the peace agreement with the FARC-EP in September 2016. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. It’s...
Working in Colombia, Colombian working visa

Are YOU risking deportation? Working in Colombia

Daniel Warren argues that those who are working in Colombia illegally (or semi-legally) take all the risks while companies reap the rewards The number of non-Colombians working...
ELN Colombia

Opinion: Beating the drums of war

Thursday’s attack by the left-wing National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla group at the General Santander Police Academy...