plastic surgery

Plastic Fantastic

Our columnist Adriaan Alsema points out that we are all freaks in our own way, and questions the need for plastic surgery to make ourselves more freakish
Colombian Peace Process

On Trial: The peace process

On Trial is a Bogotá Post feature in which we will put someone or something from the Colombian news “on trial”, trying to explain the...
Colombian Teacher's Strike

Teachers’ strikes: Thank you, Minister Parody

As the teachers’ strike continues, Juan Gabriel Pineda believes that Education Minister Gina Parody has allowed us to ask fundamental questions about the public...

Opinion: Living in the moment instead of on a smartphone

Perceived public insecurity in Colombia results in reduced smartphone use and more physical presence.
Bogotá City Council

With great power comes little accountability

The Bogotá city council has problems. A quarter of Bogotanos don’t even know that it exists. Of those who do, 65% are unimpressed by its performance. Mike Mackenna casts a critical eye over the role of the city's second highest administrative authority.
Reforma de Equilibrio de Poderes, constitutional reform

Game of Thrones

We take a look at the implications of Colombia’s historic constitutional reform which eliminates presidential re-election and tackles abuse of power, in a power struggle worthy of the Seven Kingdoms. We bring you a detailed analysis of who wins and who loses in this landmark legislation. Plus a look at the history of constitutional change throughout Latin America.

Opinion–One court to rule them all: A proposal for judicial reform

The government’s judicial reform initiative is likely to be at the center of controversy for the next few months. At the crux of the...
Colombian Police Reform Bill, Police Code Reform Colombia

Police reform bill: Human rights on a slippery slope

With potentially oppressive measures, the proposed police reform bill could affect our personal freedom, allowing cops to enter your home, and right to free speech. Mike Mackenna explains the details.
Colombian Peace Process

Colombian peace: Havana is just part of the picture

Lucas Peña explains that the peace process is crucial but it is not the only step on the path to peace.

Opinion: Democracy dies in darkness

Photo by pixabay The past few weeks have been an industry frenzy for the press. Juan Pablo Bieri,...