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The ABCs of reading English: tips and tricks

A common complaint of English learners is that they know some vocabulary and grammar, but struggle to put what they have learned into context. Reading is a great way to connect everything together.
Rock al Parque

Rock al Parque 2018: Rock rolls into the Park

One of the biggest free festivals in Latin America will fill Parque Simón Bolívar with earth-shattering sounds.

Colombian peso affected as Lira crisis grows

"Although 2018 seems to be the most impressive of the last 6 years in terms of economic performance, with an expected 2.6% growth and...

Scopolamine: Myths and realities

There are over 50,000 cases of Scopolamine poisoning reported every year. Nicknamed devil’s breath, it is said to turn people into zombies. But what is the truth about this drug?

Isla Múcura: La Isla Bonita on the caribbean coast

It’s sunshine and coconuts by day and plankton dancing by night on the Isla Múcura. Plus, if you take the scenic route, getting to this island paradise is half the pleasure.

Synthetic Drug Craze Hits Colombia

A STIMULANT known as ‘pink cocaine’ is becoming the new designer drug of choice among club-goers and high society, local media reported last week. Dealt...

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