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Presidential candidates: Road to Colombian presidency

At two and a half months before the first round of the presidential elections we take a look at the latest news and the candidates.

Congressional elections 2018, most seats for Centro Democrático

Álvaro Uribe retains power as the Centro Democrático gains the most seats in the senate, plus the first democratic appearance for the FARC and five things you might not know about election day.
Bogota Mayoral Elections

Presidential election 2018: What to expect?

As the political parties gear up for May/June’s presidential election, we talk to an expert about the possibilities for the first and second rounds of voting.
Presidential candidates

2018 presidential candidates Colombia: race preview

As the election looms closer, there are already a number of pre-candidates – with their respective alliances – that have started to pick up steam and pull away from the group. However, with almost seven months still to go, the field of presidential candidates is still wide open.
Oli's Big Topic

Oli’s Big Topic: Have you become a bitter foreigner?

We all have our own reasons for leaving our countries of birth and journeying across the oceans before washing up here in Colombia. Make sure those reasons remain. If you’re in Colombia simply out of laziness or a lack of momentum, maybe it’s time to start thinking about continuing your adventure from here. If bitterness is settling in and you’re here merely because you don’t know how to leave, then it’s time to start looking at exit plans.
Translation tricks

Lost in translation: Translation tricks between Spanish and English

Translation can be difficult, but these little tricks and similarities can help you move between Spanish and English with ease.

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