Bogotá Pride 2014

Bogota Pride 2014

Kelsey Menzel gives us the lowdown on Bogotá Pride 2014 as hundreds of LGBTQ and allies gathered in Parque Nacional. It was another cool, cloudy,...

The silent revolution of quality coffee

Colombian coffee is experiencing a “generational change and a behavioural shift,” says Roberto Vélez, CEO of Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC), the country’s national coffee foundation.
Lika Nova for Estereo Picnic 2023

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2023: Lika Nova are ready to go supernova! 

Our series of features on Colombian talent at Festival Estéreo Picnic continues with Lika Nova - amping themselves up for the “best...
El Fish Market

A fishy festival: Pescados y Ceviches Festival

There’s still a few days left to catch the Pescados y Ceviches Festival at one of the branches of El Fish Market.

Behind the scenes with Colombian fashion label Carolina Estefan

Just over two weeks ago, Bogota became the epicentre of South America’s vibrant fashion scene and opened its doors to the fourth annual series...

Free condom scheme

In a bid to combat sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies, the Bogota city government announced it will be handing out...
Transmilenio protests

TransMilenio transport trouble

Thousands of commuters suffer delays as demonstrations against price hikes and poor service cause near collapse of the TransMilenio system.
TransMilenio Bogotá, Bogotá Metro

Transcending the TransMilenio

Father of the TransMilenio, Mayor Peñalosa, has decided on an elevated metro to complement the overworked mass transit system and relieve it of some pressure. Gerald Barr looks at the history of the system and takes his kids on an adventure.

Colombia election watch: 3 questions for Bogotá’s Claudia López

We profile the city's mayoral candidates in the run-up to the elections. This time: Claudia López

TEDxBogotá: talking about resilience

#Resiliencia is the focus of TEDxBogotá 2019.