Peñalosa says police have been respectful of protocols

Mayor Enrique Peñalosa spoke to the press following Thursday's events in Bogotá and blames individual acts of aggression on the heat of...
billete de 100 mil, new 100 mil note colombia

The new billete de 100 mil: Easy to spend or not?

This year, Colombia introduced a new family of notes to match the new coins released at the end of 2012. As the new billete de 100 mil becomes a more regular feature in our wallets, Oli Pritchard takes to the streets to find out how easy they are to spend.

Escopolamina cases on the rise in Bogotá

The death of Fabián Herrera has put escopolamina and similar drugs such as benzodiazepine that cause memory loss and high levels of suggestibility back in the headlines.
LGBT Bogotá

LGBT Bogotá: Out And Proud

In a few short years, Colombia’s gay community has gone from being hidden away on the margins of society to where – at least in the country’s major cities – a lesbian, gay, transgendered, transexual or bisexual person can be who they are and be proud of it.
Bogota Audio Visual Market 2015, BAM 2015


The sixth edition of the Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM) took place in the capital from July 13-17, bringing together producers, filmmakers and distributors to...
Claudia Lopez Mayor Bogota

Who is Claudia López, Bogota’s first openly gay, female mayor?

Bogotá's new mayor won 35.2% of the vote with almost all votes counted. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Colombian history: the conquistadors and Bogotá in 1538

As the capital celebrates its birthday, we follow Jiménez along the salt trails to the home of the Muisca.

Sin violencia?

Rain, tear gas and violence fail to break the spirits of N21 protestors. A first person account of the protests.

2014: Transport

It’s been quite a year in Bogota transport. May at last saw the introduction of a Transmilenio line taking passengers to the airport. Transmilenio...
Ivan Duque cabinet

President-elect Iván Duque begins filling out administration

As Colombia’s President-Elect Iván Duque gets set to take office in less than a month, he has begun naming key cabinet members that will...