2014: Transport

It’s been quite a year in Bogota transport. May at last saw the introduction of a Transmilenio line taking passengers to the airport. Transmilenio...

Colombia election watch: 3 questions for Bogotá’s Claudia López

We profile the city's mayoral candidates in the run-up to the elections. This time: Claudia López
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, FILBo 2015

Filling FILBo with magic realism

The 2015 Bogota International Book Fair, which takes place from April 21 to May 4 in Corferias, will dedicate a heartfelt tribute to the...
Bogota Environment, Bogotá recycling

Bogotá recycling – A waste of time

Charlotte Ryan examines Bogotá's rubbish problem, Bogotá recycling, and the government’s apparent disregard for a growing community of environmentally conscious citizens. Bogotá has a waste...

Battle of the buildings: The terrors of Colombian resident associations

Our columnist Gerald Barr on the trials and tribulations of the yearly resident association meetings, and the cast of characters you can expect to attend.

One Young World – Fighting back against exclusion

Kenny Imafidon tells the packed crowd that in London, where he grew up, as a black man he is six times more likely to be stopped by the police. When he was a teen, he was an intelligent person stuck in an environment dominated by crime, drugs and what he believes to be a system of systematic racism.

In numbers: 8 days of the Colombian protests

The country has seen over a week of mass protests. We wrap up the national strike so far with some interesting numbers.

“Historical memory goes hand in hand with peace”: María Emma Wills...

The unopened Museo de Memoria Histórica will debut its first exhibition, 'Voces para transformar a Colombia', at the FILBo (Feria Internacional del Libro Bogotá), which will...
Santos Palace of Justice apology

Palace of Justice apology

On the 30th anniversary of the tragedy, President Santos accepted culpability, on behalf of the State, for the siege of the Palace of Justice, which left 98 dead, including 11 Supreme Court judges.
The World Bank helps pump up Bogota bike use

The World Bank helps pump up Bogota bike use

The Secretary of Mobility and the World Bank have teamed up to get the wheels moving on projects to help benefit cyclists in the...