taximetro colombia

Taximetro set to disappear by December

The Transportation Secretariat announced that the taximetro in all city cabs would start being replaced by a digital platform from August of this year. The move has been presented as a response to rigged meters and overall consumer mistrust in yellow cabs.
Andino bombing, Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo

Far-left activists blamed for Andino bombing

Authorities have blamed the almost-unheard-of far-left group Movimiento Revolucionario del Pueblo (MRP) for the tragic Andino bombing at the shopping centre on June 17 that left two Colombians and one French national dead.
Bogotá gay pride

Bogotá gay pride parade 2017

Rainbow flags permeated the sky on Sunday, July 2 when around 55,000 people attended the Bogotá gay pride parade 2017 as participants enjoyed the sunshine and marched, celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the city.

Escopolamina cases on the rise in Bogotá

The death of Fabián Herrera has put escopolamina and similar drugs such as benzodiazepine that cause memory loss and high levels of suggestibility back in the headlines.
What the Wayuu Know

Wayuu to the Misak: Colombia’s indigenous communities at FILBo

For those interested in Colombia’s indigenous communities – like Christopher Outlaw – FILBo 2017 had plenty to offer, from workshops and talks to book launches and content on individual stands.
Transmilenio protests

TransMilenio transport trouble

Thousands of commuters suffer delays as demonstrations against price hikes and poor service cause near collapse of the TransMilenio system.
TransMilenio Bogotá, Bogotá Metro

Transcending the TransMilenio

Father of the TransMilenio, Mayor Peñalosa, has decided on an elevated metro to complement the overworked mass transit system and relieve it of some pressure. Gerald Barr looks at the history of the system and takes his kids on an adventure.
Homeless Bogotá, Bronx Bogotá

Bogotá’s homeless: Down and about in the city

From addiction to displacement, there are many factors that push people to live on the street. Gerald Barr speaks to some of the city’s homeless population so that they can tell some of their stories in their own words.
16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Bogotá

Nobel peace laureates stand with Colombia

As a host of high profile figures gather in Bogotá for the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, Oliver Pritchard gets a preview of what’s in store in the coming days.
Nobel Peace Laureates, Nobel Peace summit Bogotá

Nobel Peace Laureates come to Bogotá

Nobel Peace Laureates will gather in the capital for the world’s leading peace conference. Madeline Walsh finds out who’s coming and what they are going to be talking about.