Various types of transport in Bogotá together on a street

Transport in Bogotá: The first big issue in the 2023 elections

Transport in Bogotá is often a nightmare, with the city frequently paralysed. We take a look at the issues the next mayor will face.
Colombia match Melbz

Colombia – England: Bring out the Lioness tamers

An impressive Colombia team faces England in a World Cup final at daft o'clock in the morning. Set your alarm for this one.
Happy huskies in Park for article on Expopet 2023

Expopet 2023 – the cat’s out of the bag!

Colombia’s biggest pet-focused space, Expopet 2023, opens August 17 with plenty of fun and games for furry or feathered (or scaly) friends.
President Gustavo Petro after one year. From the President's office.

Petro: Year One

After one year of Gustavo Petro, how has Colombia's first leftist leader done? We chart the ups, downs and shrugs on his first anniversary.
A solid hit from a Colombian cricket player. Photo courtesy of Christopher Price

Bogotá beat Barranquilla in capital’s cricketing cup

Colombian cricket is back on the agenda as Las Doradas take the 2023 national title in a thrilling round robin against two other teams.
Barriers to abortion were among the issues highlighted on Women's Day in Bogotá 2023

Institutional barriers to abortion remain in Colombia despite progressive legislation

Campaigners say significant institutional, educational and cultural barriers are yet to be overcome in the battle to make abortion accessible to all.
Subjunctive in Colombian Spanish

Subjuntivo: Who is that WEIRDO?

El subjuntivo (the subjunctive) is a problematic grammar point for Spanish learners. In this guide, we will help you with its most basic uses

‘La literature está viva’: FILBo 2023 spotlights the children’s writers embracing...

Mary Grueso, Ana Alcolea, and Celso Román talk about the importance of oral traditions at FILBo 2023.

Meet Astrid and Ilsa, two Indigenous leaders fighting for women’s rights...

Astrid Milena González is an Indigenous leader from the Embera Chamí people based in the Sabaleta reserve who has been fighting for greater institutional representation and support for women’s rights in Chocó. 

FILBo 2023: Hitting the books

It’s not too late to nip to Corferias for this year’s Festival del Libro. Find out what’s FILBo 2023 has to offer readers of all tastes.