SOFA 2017

SOFA 2017: The dragon goes from strength to strength

It’s that time again when wizards, wookies and anime lookalikes walk the streets of Bogotá: the annual dose of geekery and nerdism known as SOFA 2017 has arrived!
Panama Papers

Panama Papers investigation leads to arrest of top Colombian executives

Andrés Jiménez, Colombia's chief financial ​prosecutor, announced that at least 19 prominent Colombian business people have now been arrested or indicted for their potential involvement in the money-laundering scandal which rocked the world back in 2015.
El cielo

El Cielo: A gastronomic rollercoaster ride

Top restaurant El Cielo celebrates its ten year anniversary by hosting pop-up events across the country, set to pique emotions and tantalise the tastebuds.

Colombia qualifies for World Cup 2018

In Lima, Colombia qualifies for World Cup 2018. A 1-1 draw versus Peru with a goal from James Rodríguez proved enough to qualify for Russia 2018.

Co-School: Reimagining education

An imaginative approach to education mixes kids from different backgrounds and encourages them to work on their social and emotional skills as much as academic ones.
One Young World

One Young World coming to Bogotá

One Young World, an annual summit that aims to empower the leaders of tomorrow by providing a platform for them to engage with the problems of today, is coming to Bogotá.
Intern Colombia

Intern Colombia: Interning internationally

Companies and candidates are discovering that international intern programmes offer more than just job opportunities – these are cultural exchanges that contribute to changing perceptions and deepening perspectives.
Golden Lion Cider

The hike in popularity of cider in Colombia

Cider has arrived in Colombia, providing an appley alternative to beer and guaro. We have a chat with the pioneers who are behind the rise of cider in Colombia., the times they are a-changing

From corruption to the environment, Colombia is one of the countries where online petition site has the biggest impact per user. Victoria Emanuelli and Jonatan Rodríguez from explain some of the campaigns and tell us how the site works.
family in Bogotá

A family abroad: Settling in in Bogotá

Moving to a new city with children? Here are some things to consider when thinking about schools, doctors and getting support. This is the first of a new column from The Bogotá Post that looks at family life in the city.