Colombian presidency, Germán Vargas Lleras, Colombia presidential campaign

2018 Colombian presidential race kicks off

On March 2, with 15 months to go until the presidential elections on May 27 next year, Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras announced that he will step down on March 14 to focus on the presidential campaign.

HIV cases continue to increase across Colombian cities

There is a crisis facing Medellin, a city with one of Colombia’s highest rates of HIV diagnoses across the country. In 2013, there were...
Fracking in Colombia

Fracking in Colombia: What the frack?

Hydraulic fracturing – or simply ‘fracking’ – is a method of extracting oil and gas which has made its way from the US across most of South America and is in exploratory stages in Colombia. The possibility that fracking in Colombia might be allowed has sparked controversy – Steffan Frydkjær finds out more about this controversial extraction method.
Mocoa, Putumayo, landslide, derrumbe

At least 193 dead in Mocoa, Putumayo mudslides

The full extent of tragedy from mudslides in Mocoa is still emerging as hundreds are injured after three rivers burst. Phoebe Hopson reports that the death toll is almost two hundred.
Colombia Venezuela relations

Colombia-Venezuela relations under strain

The already-strained relations between Colombia and Venezuela have deteriorated further in recent weeks with a string of incidents that have put pressure on the two countries.
OECD Colombia Santos

Colombia became the 37th OECD country last week. What next?

Colombia has become the second nation in South America and the 37th member country to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It...

Reflections on Afro-Colombian culture

As the month dedicated to highlighting some of the achievements and challenges faced by Afro-Colombian kicks off, ChocQuibTown singer Goyo and activist Edna Liliana Valencia Murillo chat to Laura Brown about being black in Colombia.

Colombia’s creative fashion potential is a secret no more at Miami...

An exciting Miami Swim Week came to a close today after having taken over Miami Beach Convention Centre throughout the weekend. Highlighting the latest...
Colombian Festivals

A festival free-for-all: The best Colombian festivals

Colombians are known for their love of a good time, which explains the abundance of festivals this country has to offer. From tiny towns celebrating a foodstuff that is the backbone of their economies, to giant festivals that attract talent from the world over, there’s something for any taste.
Colombian election

Colombia elections: Duque comes out on top in legislative elections

Voting in the senatorial and congressional elections saw plenty of drama, but when the dust settled there were few surprises. Ordóñez has been forced to give up his presidential hopes after Duque took ten times the number of votes.