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Colombia election watch: 3 questions for Bogotá’s Claudia López

We profile the city's mayoral candidates in the run-up to the elections. This time: Claudia López

Market Watch: Top 10 Colombian Exports and Imports

Possessing one of the grandest economies in South America, the country holds maximum potential from colombia exports...
Colombia Local Elections 2019

A forecast of Colombia’s upcoming local elections

Candidates for the position of Mayor of Medellín: Víctor Correa, Jesús Ramirez and Daniel Quintero (left-right). Image courtesy of Víctor Correa.
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English word building

Transform your language by learning how to make a noun into a verb and a verb into an adjective. Oliver Pritchard explains that it’s all about getting the beginnings and endings right.

Reporting for duty: How to write reports in English

Writing reports in English can seem like difficult work: so much information to include, and a very specific way to write it all to make it as clear as possible. With this guide to writing reports in English, you’ll be a report master before you know it.

Colombia election watch: 3 questions for Bogotá’s Carlos Fernando Galán

We profile the capital's mayoral candidates run-up to the elections. Starting with Carlos Fernando Galán since we're going in alphabetical order.

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