Bogotá City Council

With great power comes little accountability

The Bogotá city council has problems. A quarter of Bogotanos don’t even know that it exists. Of those who do, 65% are unimpressed by its performance. Mike Mackenna casts a critical eye over the role of the city's second highest administrative authority.

Homo, Adopt-us

Following on from the recent ruling on gay adoption in Colombia, our columnist reflects on the couples and children who lose out because gay adoption is not legal

The big debate: Taxis

Mark Kennedy speaks to a taxi driver, and the organiser of the Día Sin Taxi campaign, to get their perspectives on the city’s...
Colombian Same Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage

The recent decision in Ireland is an outstanding example of a society taking good care of all its citizens. Colombia, however is still far from having a referendum where people could recognise the importance of marriage equality.
Police Progress Report

Police: A Progress Report

No doubt you’ve all heard the horror stories: Western travellers in Latin America getting on the wrong side of the law, naively or otherwise,...
Prince Charles Colombia

A Blunder of Royal Proportions

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla caused a stir while on their official royal visit to Colombia recently and, since their departure, the situation has only got more heated. Harriet Marsden explains how the memorial to British Colonial invaders was destined to cause a furore from the outset.
Colombian Peace Process

Colombian peace: Havana is just part of the picture

Lucas Peña explains that the peace process is crucial but it is not the only step on the path to peace.

A lesson in keeping quiet?

Adriaan Alsema argues that French media could look very different after the Charlie Hebdo attacks Following the massacre at the office of satirical magazine Charlie...
Germán Vargas Lleras

On Trial: Germán Vargas Lleras

In this edition we put Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras on trial. His allies won several key elections on October 25, including the mayoralties of Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla; as well as nine Bogotá City Council seats (the highest number). He is one of the preliminary favourites to win the presidency in 2018. Mike Mackenna investigates...
Taxi Uber

Uber vs Taxis: The Bogotá transport debate

The arrival of Uber has stirred up controversy with some remaining faithful to yellow cabs and others converting to the newcomer, Laura Sharkey looks at both sides of the debate and Emily Hastings runs through the most recent events.

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El beso francés

El Beso Francés comes to Bogotá

This year’s season has a distinctly French twist for the Colombian National Symphonic Orchestra, as María Laura Ordoñez finds out when she attends the launch of El Beso Francés.
Hay festival Cartagena

Hay festival en Carta-hay-na

Each year, Cartagena’s Hay Festival – the iconic celebration of literature, art, cinema and music – draws intellectuals and artists from a wide array of disciplines. Carolina Morales reports from this year’s event.
New Police Code Colombia

Decoding the new Colombian Police Code

After six months of police training – and a fair deal of controversy – the new Police Code came into effect on January 30. Ángela Forero-Aponte identifies some of the activities that may now breach the rules.
Tinder relationships, bad relationships, Colombian dating

Colombian dating: Catastrophic Cupid

Phoebe Hopson provides some tales of expats on the Colombian dating scene who have learnt the hard way how cultural differences can get in the way of love.
Activists deaths Colombia, Paramilitary Violence Colombia, AGC Colombia

Paramilitary violence on the rise

These are the human rights defenders who have been killed so far in 2017 as the spate of violence against social leaders persists. Emma Newbery looks into the rise of paramilitary violence and activist deaths in rural territories.
English idioms

An idiots guide to idioms

Oliver Pritchard sheds light on the hot potato of English expressions including proverbs, idioms and metaphors as he helps us to not murder the language.

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