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Does Petro want a new constitution? And could it actually happen?

A surprise announcement from the Colombian president sent social media and the politocracy into a spin, but is any of it feasible?

How has Ecuador fallen into chaos? And could Colombia follow?

Shocking scenes from Ecuador earlier this year raise questions about what’s going on over the border and how it affects Colombia?

2024: Colombia’s year ahead

As we step into a new year, we take a look at what might be in store for Colombia in 2024.

Ministry of Education visits El Salado: Can peace be taught?

One of the bloodiest single events in the Colombian conflict took place in El Salado. Now it is a focal point for peace, but the presence of armed gangs and violence belies a different story.

No single story can capture Adichie at FILBo 2023

Chimamanda Ngochie Adichie talks roots, race, language, feminism, history, and grief in Bogotá.

From the frontline to the production line: the ex-Farc fighters making...

Former FARC commander and one of the founders of La Montaña tells us, "If sewing served for war, why doesn’t it serve for peace?"
Barriers to abortion were among the issues highlighted on Women's Day in Bogotá 2023

Institutional barriers to abortion remain in Colombia despite progressive legislation

Campaigners say significant institutional, educational and cultural barriers are yet to be overcome in the battle to make abortion accessible to all.

Going Local: Salvatore Mancuso – Truth Will Out

Salvatore Mancuso's JEP testimony raises questions about how the AUC's crimes should be handled, and how far up the ladder things went.

‘La literature está viva’: FILBo 2023 spotlights the children’s writers embracing...

Mary Grueso, Ana Alcolea, and Celso Román talk about the importance of oral traditions at FILBo 2023.

FILBo 2023: Hitting the books

It’s not too late to nip to Corferias for this year’s Festival del Libro. Find out what’s FILBo 2023 has to offer readers of all tastes.

Nevado del Ruiz: Armero on my mind

Colombia is on amber alert as the Nevado del Ruiz volcano could blow again. We look back at how 23,000 people died in a town called Armero.

Ireland and Colombia: a long history

The connection between Colombia and Ireland goes back to the fight for independence.

The lowdown on narco-subs

Narco-subs are back in the news. Here's everything you need to know about the clandestine craft.
A Narcohippo

River boats, Caracas connections and flying hippos: the Bogotá Buzz is...

Our regular round-up of Colombia news that caught the world’s eye. Pablo’s hippos: wild ones...
Ashim d'Silva on unsplash Viva plane grounded

What Viva Air’s suspension of flights means for passengers

Viva Air declared bankruptcy in mid-February and has since grounded flights. Find out how you might be impacted.

Record emigration: are they voting with their feet?

We look at the rising phenomena of Colombians heading overseas

Clear your calendars: Estereo Picnic is back

Colombia’s hottest music event, Festival Estéreo Picnic, kicks off on March 23 with Billie Eilish, Drake and Chemical Brothers the headline acts.

Step into the extraordinary world of Sako Asko this weekend

Teusaquillo plays host to SakoAskoFest this weekend in a short-lived pop-up exhibition. We went to the launch to see why there’s so much buzz around this young Colombian artist.

Health reform: kill or cure?

The Petro government has finally presented plans to reform Colombia's health system. Congress will now debate radical proposals which could up-end decades of private-public partnership. Are the proposed reforms set to improve the Colombian health system?

Back to the streets: Petro’s development plan prompts mass demonstrations

Both fans and critics of Petro’s programme of far-reaching reforms have organised mass mobilisations this week following the presentation of the programme

Oli’s Big Topic: Increased presence is nothing without action

Our columnist says it's one thing to put more police on the streets, but quite another to change the culture and get them to enforce the law. Find out why he sees it as a question of respect.

Going underground? Petro threatens to derail Bogotá Metro plans

Work is already underway on Bogotá's first metro line, but the project has become the subject of a row between President Petro and the capital's mayor.

Día sin Carro: Sin Carro, Without Cares?

Bogotá's Día sin Carro always generates its share of positive and negative comments. Find out what's driving the car-free day.
Hip Hop Bogotá

Hip-hop for the nation: Museo Nacional pays homage to the rhythms...

Bogotá’s national museum offers the chance to clue up on all things hip-hop colombiano or simply indulge in some 90s nostalgia ahead of this year’s 25th anniversary of Hip-Hop al Parque.

A new year’s resolution: Actually police the streets?

Noticed anything different on the mean streets of Bogotá recently?

Festival Centro kicks off the capital’s cultural calendar

Bogotá's Festival Centro is back with a mix of free live music performances and events to brighten your January.
Valentina Trespalacios

Valentina Trespalacios murder suspect arrested in Panama. He says cartels are...

The brutal murder of Valentina Trespalacios, a popular young DJ, has shocked Colombia, a suspect has been arrested
Visa process in Colombia changing

New Colombian Visas for the New Year

Make sure you understand the new rules, even if you’re a long term resident. Visa process in Colombia...

Wayuu mochilas: Bags for life in La Guajira

We spoke to Juan Carlos Buitrago, head of ABACO, about their work to help the Wayúu make money from traditional crafts such as mochilas.

Don’t have a lot of money to travel in December? Go...

Keep costs down this winter by taking in the lights at the Aguinaldo Boyacense in beautiful Boyacá, a short distance from Bogotá.

Tembici – a cautious thumbs-up from us

You don't need to own a bike to explore the Bogotá on two wheels. Here's everything you need to know about the city's Tembici scheme.

Get knotted at Knotfest

Bogotá is ready to rock again as Knotfest comes to the capital. Don't miss your chance to hear Judas Priest and Pantera in Colombia.

Colombia’s Gray Economy: Why is Prevailing Poverty Affecting Women More than...

Image Credit: Colorchain The UN recently made significant steps through a set of initiatives to reduce the extreme...

ArtBo 2022: Everything you need to know about the fair

If you haven’t yet got your ArtBo trip planned out, check out our guide to this year’s art fair in the capital.

The almighty dollar and the Colombian peso

The symbolic rate of 5,000 pesos to the USD is within touching distance. But what does all of this mean for the country?

Banksy comes to Bogotá

Get a taste of the Banksy: Genius or Vandal exhibition in Bogotá, featuring over 100 works from the internationally-renowned street artist.

Fueling The Startup Ecosystem: The Stages of VC Evolution in Colombia

Image Credit: Flavia Carpio, Latin America (LATAM) is currently at a pivotal point for Venture Capital (VC)....

Another mixtape for Festival Cordillera 2022

We’ve made you another mixtape featuring artists from Sunday's Festival Cordillera in Parque Simón Bolívar. Who tickles your fancy?

Your mixtape for Festival Cordillera 2022: Saturday

Check out our Festival Cordillera Saturday playlist, featuring artists from this weekend’s superstar lineup at this Latin music festival.

Moving Mountains: Festival Cordillera 2022 hits Bogotá

Days before the Festival Cordillera 2022 starts in Bogotá, find out which bands will be on stage and how to make the most of the festival.

In a first of its kind, Corona Island is introduced off...

Corona, one of the largest beverage companies in the world, announced this month the launch of its...

Petro Presidency: So, what happens now?

Now that Gustavo Petro has finally taken his seat in the Casa de Nariño, we officially enter a new period. For the first time, a leftist leader has the reins of power, and a country waits with bated breath to see what will happen.

Adriana Santacruz: An Urban Zen looms in Bogotá

We speak to Adriana Santacruz, one of the first designers to integrate indigenous traditions into her fashion designs. 

Colombia election results: Gustavo Petro elected as Colombia’s next president

Colombia has elected Gustavo Petro as its new president – making him the first ever leftist president of Colombia. Find out how the votes unfolded and what to expect now.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: A green revolution?

Both Petro and Rodolfo want to build a greener Colombia. Find out how they promise to help the environment without hurting the economy.

Bogotá’s Young and Rapidly Growing Tech Ecosystem Is Looking for Advice

It’s no secret that Bogotá was poised to become a tech capital in Latin America sooner or...

The 1000 +1 exhibition explores a universe of love and divinity

Rafael Barón Herazo’s show entitled 1000 +1 can be found on the second floor of Otros 360 Gallery. We speak to the artist to find out more.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Tourism

Colombian tourism was on a roll before the pandemic, but has stuttered more recently. Here’s what Petro and Rodolfo have to say on getting it going again.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Security

Security is perhaps only behind the economy in voter’s minds. Find out what the candidates have to say.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: Healthy nation, healthy debates. How Colombia’s presidential candidates...

How might healthcare in Colombia change under Petro or Rodolfo? Our latest analysis of the candidates’ positions shows both men are promising big changes.

Colombia Elections 2022: Hernández vs. Petro on trans rights

As the Colombia election 2022 enters the final fortnight, we’ve been looking at key issues. Today it’s Trans rights on the table in our analysis of Petro and Rodolfo’s positions

Colombian Pass Notes: Galleon San José

The legendary treasure ship is back in the news, so here's a quick summary of the saga of the Galleon San José so far.

Petro vs. Rodolfo: How Colombia’s presidential candidates compare on education.

School is in for both Petro and Rodolfo in the Colombian presidential election. Sit down in front of the whiteboard and see their education proposals!

How Colombia’s presidential candidates stack up on animal rights: Hernández vs....

We’re looking at both candidates’ positions on certain issues in the run-up to Colombia's presidential election. First up, animal rights.

Colombia Election 2022: Let the second round begin

Leftist Gustavo Petro took the most votes in the first round, but the second round is a different story of fish. We take a look at what's next.

Bogotá Fashion Week 2022: The artisans return

The runways opened again for Bogotá Fashion Week 2022. Find out about the triumphant return the capital's top fashion event.

Colombia election results 2022: Petro and Rodolfo go through to the...

Colombian presidential election results. Rodolfo Hernández will join Gustavo Petro in the second round on June 19.

Colombia elections: More than a two-horse race

Colombians will vote today in the first round of the country's 2022 presidential elections. 

Election cheat sheets: Federico Gutiérrez, aka Fico

Currently second in the polls, Federico Gutiérrez aka Fico's slogan is ‘President for the People.’ Find out what he actually proposes to do.

Election cheat sheets: Petro

Confused about the upcoming election? We’re here to help you with a set of cheat sheets on each candidate so you can follow the local news. Today, Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s most divisive political figure since you-know-who.

Election cheat sheets: Sergio Fajardo

Sergio Fajardo is a familiar face in Colombian politics. But what’s he standing for? Find out in our latest candidate cheat sheet.

Your Guide to the 2022 Colombian elections

If you're wondering about the Colombian elections, look no further. From who's standing to how voting works and when ley seca will start, we've got you covered.

Íngrid Betancourt pulls out of Colombian presidential race

Íngrid Betancourt announced on social media that she would no longer stand in the presidential elections and instead will support Rodolfo Hernández. 

Election cheat sheets: Rodolfo Hernández

We’ve read the manifestos of all the presidential candidates so you don’t have to. Rodolfo’s pushing his anti-corruption credentials, but what other issues is he standing on?

Colombia Pass Notes: The Corrientazo

The corrientazo is a cheap lunch found in basic restaurants all over Colombia. They are particularly common in Bogotá. Find out about the origins of corrientazos and how to find a good one.

Dispatches: Visit Paloquemao and lose yourself in the city’s bustling market

Our column that gives a snapshot of Bogotá life takes in the joys of the Paloquemao market.

Indigenous groups in Parque Nacional: Our dirty washing hung in public

The indigenous groups in the Parque Nacional may be causing a mess, but how much damage do we ourselves cause?

FILBo 2022: Narrative Journalism and the Power of Stories

Ever wondered how a story can change society? These three writers and journalists have built real change through their storytelling.

FILBo is back! Here’s what FILBo 2022 has in store for...

Until May 2, the Feria del Libro will be back – in person – and there’s plenty to see and do. Here’s a run down of what to expect at this year’s event.

Remembering the captain of Colombia’s golden football generation: Freddy Rincón

Freddy Rincón, one of Colombia’s best footballers in history has passed away after being injured in a car crash

Maria Luisa Ortiz: ‘When we sit down at a sewing machine,...

Uniting Colombia’s divided parts through fabrics, fashion, and ancestral craftsmanship

The Strokes, Fatboy Slim and LP: How this year’s Estéreo Picnic...

Live music is starting to roll in postpandemic Bogotá, and last weekend saw another huge step forward in the shape of Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022. We were in the middle of the action all over the three days – here’s what happened!

Release the tiger: Creating Colombia’s carnival masks

Nine siblings are hard at work, carving and painting the wooden masks which characterise the festival – elaborate animal heads in many stages of life and colour.
Venezuela vs Colombia

Venezuela vs Colombia, last chance for World Cup Qatar

It’s the final round of the South-American World Cup qualifiers, and Colombia still have a chance to qualify for Qatar, but it is slight and los Cafeteros depend on results from other matches
Taylor Hawkins forever

Tragedy strikes first day Estéreo Picnic with news of Taylor Hawkins’...

The first day of Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022 was overshadowed by the news of Taylor Hawkins' death, but it was a celebration of a beautiful life as well as a commemoration of death
Estéreo Picnic: Pavlo

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: Pavlo

Fantastic, fabulous and fun, Pavlo opens Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022’s second day.
carnival Barranquilla

The force of the fiesta returns: Colombia’s Barranquilla Carnival

For the first time in two years, one of the world’s biggest parties returns to the streets of Colombia. Barranquilla Carnival is back with a vengeance after the pandemic.

Colombia vs Bolivia: home side need a victory to keep Qatar...

After a run of seven World Cup qualifiers in a row without scoring a goal, Colombia’s chances to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar are hanging by a thread. Can Colombia stay in the battle for Qatar?

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: The Drums

Before jetting off to play at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022, Jonny Pierce from Brooklyn’s iconic band The Drums spoke to us from NYC.

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: Piel Camaleón

For the latest of our features on Colombian bands at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022, we have Piel Camaleón, a bright and breezy indie jangle-pop outfit.

Water cuts: A problem in Bogotá that reflects a much bigger...

Water water, absolutely nowhere and definitely not a drop to drink. Oliver Pritchard tries to get to the bottom of the great Chapinero drought.

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: Babelgam

Next up in our series on Colombian bands at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022, we’re chewing the fat with Babelgam, electro-clash punks with a pop edge.

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: What you need to know!

Colombian festivals don’t come any bigger than Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the music as well as the practicalities.

Elections in Colombia: Entering the next phase as Petro, Gutiérrez, and...

After the legislative elections in Colombia on Sunday, the Senate is very divided.

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: Margarita Siempre Viva

In the second of our features on bands at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022, we talked to bassist from Margarita Siempre Viva, Daniel...

Elections in Colombia: Senate and Camara

This weekend sees the first of what will probably be three sets of elections in Colombia this year. 

FITB Theatre festival in Bogotá 2022: Bogotá plays a leading role

El Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá (FITB) is more than one show, one company, or one venue. It is the biggest theatre festival in Bogotá and one of the biggest on the planet.

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022: Los Niños Telepáticos

Los Niños Telepáticos are a very Bogotano band, and a perfect choice to open Festival Estéreo Picnic. We talked about contrasts in life and music, as well as the festival itself.
facemasks Bogotá

Bogotá’s new normal: End of the mask-erade

Bogotá to go facemask-free as the return to normality continues.

Constitutional Court decriminalises abortion in Colombia

Landmark decision means women in Colombia can now terminate a pregnancy up to the 24th week.

The Embera in the Parque Nacional shouldn’t be used as pawns

Indigenous people deserve thoughtful solutions to their problems, not to be used as pieces in a political game.

Fundación Misión Animal: A refuge for Bogotá’s strays

We speak to the founder of a refuge that houses some of the city's worst treated abandoned animals.

Omicron in Colombia: What you need to know

The National Health Institute identified the first three cases of Omicron in Colombia.

Colombia vaccination certificate: New rules if you’re entering from abroad

From December 14 you’ll need a negative PCR test or a vaccine certificate to enter Colombia.

Colombia vs Paraguay, can Colombia take another step towards the World...

After four matches without scoring a goal, Colombia will receive Paraguay in Barranquilla on Tuesday. Can Colombia get on the winning path again?

Brazil vs Colombia, can Colombia stay on track for Qatar 2022?

Last month, Colombia kept Brazil on a draw in Barranquilla and became the first country in this South American World Cup qualification to take points away from the Seleção. What will Brazil vs Colombia have in store this time?

Colombia to require vaccination certificates from November 16

From November 16 anyone over 16 will need to show they’ve been vaccinated to get into bars, clubs, sports venues, and cinemas.

Colombia vs Ecuador: Can Colombia take another leap towards World Cup...

Colombia will face direct rivals Ecuador in Barranquilla this Thursday. A victory for the home side could catapult Colombia into a comfortable position for qualification for Qatar 2022.

Colombia takes home valuable point from Uruguay

Despite a difficult start, Colombia keeps Uruguay on 0-0 and stays in full strength for World Cup qualification for Qatar 2022.

Uruguay vs Colombia, difficult World Cup qualifier

Uruguay vs Colombia is the first match in the important October international break for Colombia, Thursday at 6pm COL time in Montevideo.

Impunity for femicide in Colombia is still above 90%

Like many countries, various forms of violence against women in Colombia increased during the pandemic.

A look into child trafficking in Colombia

This article was co-authored by Helene Dötsch Image courtesy of Yupachingping via Adobe Stock. “The pandemic...

VacciNO: Vaccines given in Colombia are not currently valid in the...

International travel from Colombia remains difficult as some countries do not recognise the country’s vaccines.

Mario Mendoza: A library is a very powerful weapon

The Colombian writer and journalist Mario Mendoza talks about gritty realism, literature, protests, and the pandemic.

Oktoberfest arrives in Bogotá

Bogotá Beer Company are putting the pandemic behind them with a seasonal wheat beer and some Bavarian-style celebrations.

Craft beer Bogotá: 13 pesos

In our series about craft beer breweries in Bogotá, we look at 13 pesos. Photo: 13 pesos

Medellín’s miracle transformation: a half-told story

We talk to some of the people involved in a new exhibition that highlights the many barrios on the outskirts of the city that lack basic infrastructure.

Dispatches: Gran Estación Plaza, Bogotá

Our regular column that gives a snapshot of Bogotá life takes us to the plaza outside Gran Estación. 

Bogotá Nights turns one!

As our Facebook Live show celebrates a year of broadcasting, we’re giving away prizes, find out more!

Colombia to take Afghan evacuees

Colombia will act as a transit hub for Afghan migrants on their way to the US. But details are thin on the ground.

Zoom in on Bogotá by virtual tour

A virtual tour lets you travel the world without worrying about Covid tests or quarantines. We speak to a Bogotá guide about how it works.

Independence day: Celebrations and protests

Independence day protests in Colombia unfolded peacefully for the most part as thousands took part in marches and other events.

Independence day: No shame in waving the Colombian flag

This independence day, we consider attitudes towards the Colombian flag and the way that it's flown by police, protestors, and presidents.

Dispatches: Migración offices

Bogotá's Migración offices will be familiar to many foreigners in Colombia. Here's a snapshot of one October morning.

Film review: Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach’s latest film, Sorry We Missed You, is currently available in Colombian cinemas. Find out if it's worth a watch.

A jab in the arm: Getting vaccinated in Bogotá

Here's how getting vaccinated in Bogota panned out for one writer this week. If you're next in line, find out what to expect.

Six Colombians in Tour de France 2021

The Tour de France 2021 is about to start and after Giro d’Italia success with Egan Bernal earlier this year, cycling fans in Colombia can’t wait for a new grand tour.

An end to COVID-19 restrictions in Colombia?

The government announces ambitious plans to ease out of the crisis. But it could get worse before it gets better.

How Colombian students are fighting sexual aggression on campus

Universities won't listen, but social media will. Here's how student groups are making sure that cases of sexual harassment don't remain hidden.

3 Reasons Why Colombia Could Benefit from Mexico’s Outsourcing Ban

Colombia could be well-positioned to take advantage of changes in Mexican outsourcing laws.

Keeping tabs on Colombia’s deadly protests

Struggling to tell what’s true and what’s not in the protests? We break down some of the fake news.

One month of protests in Colombia: What’s going on?

It's been one month since protests in Colombia kicked off as people took to the street to express their frustration with the status quo.

Bogotá reopening from June 8

Bogota reopening: COVID restrictions will be lifted in less than two weeks as authorities try to respond to people’s needs.

Bogotá running out of drinking water

Chemicals needed to purify the city’s water are not making it through the blockades, and the capital faces the possibility of running out of drinking water.

Colombia protests: What’s going on in Cali?

Cali has become the epicentre of Colombia’s protests. With an already heavy presence of armed gangs and high rates of both unemployment and poverty, it was a tinderbox.

Colombia mourns Lucas Villa

Hospital confirms brain death of Lucas Villa, the protestor who was seen shaking hands with riot police on the day he was shot.

Colombia protests May 7: Follow the protests as they happen

Colombia protests live. As the demonstrations reach their ninth day, we follow the demonstrations as they unfold.

Violent protests in Colombia: Seven days of protests

Simmering social and economic tensions have led to violent clashes. What now?

Colombia national strike: May 5, live, as it happens

Another Colombia national strike. Day 8 of protests begins in a passionate and peaceful manner as crowds gather throughout the country.

Bogotá May restrictions: No quarantine this weekend

The capital is not past its third peak, but the COVID rules have been relaxed.

Tax reform scrapped, but protests in Colombia continue

The resignation of the finance minister and withdrawal of reforms has not stopped nationwide demonstrations.

National strike in Colombia: How it unfolded

As darkness falls, protests in Bogotá continue. Here’s what happened today.

Colombia national strike: Strike a light

As the country gears up for protests, what can we expect? We’ve done our best to answer any questions you might have

Bogotá’s latest red alert: new restrictions in the capital

Bogotá has introduced new stricter coronavirus measures -- schools and universities will be shut again and we all need to be home by 8pm.

Government authorises commercial COVID vaccinations — but you can’t buy one...

How is the vaccination process in Colombia going? Find out what's going on, if vaccines are effective and what will happen next.

Colombia tax reform: A taxing problem

Colombia’s byzantine taxation system needs desperate reform, but the public don’t think Carrasquilla has the answers.

COVID third peak: 8pm curfew will begin in Bogotá tomorrow

As emergency room occupation hits highest levels yet, Bogotá is introducing an 8pm curfew.

Dispatches: Parkway

Our new feature will give you a snapshot of a different corner of Bogotá each month. We've all been stuck at home more this year, so one writer wanted to capture a taste of different parts of the city. First up? Parkway.

The mayor who cried wolf?

As we enter an official third wave, public appetite for lockdown is stretching ever-thinner.

Red alert! New measures in Bogotá

Another red alert has been issued in Bogotá, meaning the extension of lockdown, with some changes.

Oli’s big topic: Everyone needs a bit of Parklife

Here's why Bogotá needs to keep its parks open during coronavirus lockdowns.

Bogotá’s post-Easter restrictions

As was to be expected, even after slightly muted Semana Santa celebrations, authorities plan to shut down Bogotá again this weekend.

8 Colombian Holy Week beliefs you might not have heard of

Every country has its fair share of superstitions, many of which grew from religious beliefs. Easter in Colombia is no different

Semana Santa restrictions – Easter in Bogotá

Claudia López introduces measures aimed at minimizing an Easter COVID outbreak.

Spread your wings and discover hidden Colombia

It often feels like half of Colombia is crammed into the walls of the old city of Cartagena. If you’re looking to get away from the thronging hordes, check out our alternative destinations.

Foreign Festivals in Bogotá

A guide to some of the foreign festivals in Bogotá. Tune in to Facebook at 9pm to join the discussion live and mention anything we’ve missed, tell us stories or make comments.

International Women’s Day march in Bogotá

8M in Colombia: Thousands took to the streets today to campaign for equality and protest violence against women.

Colombia begins its COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination in Colombia began today and Bogotá will get its first vaccinations tomorrow. The health ministry are confident 35 million people will be vaccinated by the end of the year.

Craft beer Bogotá: Vistalegre

In our series of craft beer brewers in Bogotá, we next look at Vistalegre.

Bogotá relaxes coronavirus restrictions

Bogotá’s mayor Claudia López announced today the city is no longer on red alert. As such, some of the stricter restrictions will be relaxed.

Surprising new lockdown rules in Bogotá

New lockdown rules Bogotá: The latest measures come as a surprise to many, as they are much lighter than had been expected.

Coronavirus in the capital: Bogotá’s red alert continues

Latest COVID restrictions in Bogotá include night time curfew and third weekend of lockdown.

UK travel ban for South America — including Colombia

UK government will stop non-essential travel from South America and Portugal on Friday. Residents and nationals will be allowed to enter.

Reinaldo Rueda appointed new Colombia manager

Reinaldo Rueda has been announced as the new head coach of the Colombian national team.

Citywide lockdown for the weekend in Bogotá

New Bogotá restrictions include a citywide lockdown for the weekend, six more areas in strict quarantine and changes to some existing measures.

Colombia’s tense wait for the COVID-19 vaccine

Will we get coronavirus jabs any time soon? Or just more hot air? A quick Q&A on the country’s plans to inoculate against COVID-19.

How to get a coronavirus test in Bogotá

Looking for a COVID-19 test in Bogotá? All the info you need below, from prices and times to links and medical advice.

Bogotá on Red Alert: Citywide curfew

As cases continue to rise, mayor warns that the new strain may have arrived in the capital.

Bogotá reintroduces strict quarantine measures

New Bogotá quarantine measures in place: Suba, Engativá and Usaquén will return to strict lockdown at midnight.

Further coronavirus restrictions for Bogotá over Christmas

Confusion reigns as a last-minute announcement over additional holiday restrictions hits Bogotá.

COVID Christmas restrictions in Colombia

If you’re planning your New Year and Christmas celebrations, here are the rules you need to know about.

Drink up: Alcohol sales forbidden after 10pm

Colombia enforces controls on alcohol sales as intensive care occupation rises.

I’m dreaming of an Idartes Christmas

We caught up with Idartes’ Mauricio Galeano to find out about their plans for reactivating theatre and dance in the city.

Hopulus: Have you heard the one where Bolívar and Santander walk...

German style biergarten Hopulus is the latest in our line of craft beer reviews.

From feminine resilience to feminine leadership

Survivors of sexual violence raise their voices and work together for justice.

Providencia and San Andrés hard hit by Hurricane Iota

Thousands of families without homes or water as category five hurricane devastates Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Craft beer Bogotá: 3 Cárites, hot beer for cold nights

Specialising in unusual flavours while never being too gimmicky, 3 Cárites has a well-founded reputation in the Bogotá craft beer scene

La Cebolla: Colombia, land of the free

Some Republicans might consider emigrating and seeking a life more open to freedom away from BIG GOVERNMENT. Colombia’s a good option.

Don’t stop the music… Just be responsible about it

Fiestas are coming back to Bogotá – here are some picks for this weekend.

Colombian Halloween: Promises of love, sex and money

In the run-up to Halloween we speak to some of Bogotá’s sorcerers and practitioners of black and white magic – including a man who says he is the son of Satan.

Livability in Colombia: Is this a city for cars or people?

Bogotá is dominated by motorised transport – but is that a good thing?

Halloween: A date with magic

Witches and sorcerers are not just for Halloween in Colombia.

Craft beer Bogotá: Wicca, a Witch’s Brew

Wicca Cervecería is one of the capital’s newest breweries and they’re ready to bewitch you before Halloween with a new brew hot off their cauldron at 2600 Brauhaus tomorrow.

Cycling isn’t a Capital crime

With various videos showing motorists flagrantly endangering cyclists, it’s time for the alcaldía to protect vulnerable road users.

Craft beer Bogotá: Pola del Pub, the pub of many names

Whether you know them as Pola del Pub, The Irish Pub or just El Irish, the founders’ decades of experience shows through in these beers.

Colombia sees another day of national strike action

Protests will take place throughout the country today, in spite of COVID-19 concerns.

Craft beer Bogotá: Heavy Metal Brewing from Tomahawk

Metalheads Sergio and Richard from Cervecería Tomahawk are reopening this week in Cedritos Photo: Tomahawk

Sporting chance: We talk about Colombian sport

The Bogotá Post is going live on Facebook at 9pm again tonight, this time talking about Colombian sport.

Craft beer Bogotá: Gigante in name and flavour!

Gigante is the small brewery that’s big on flavour. They’ve reopened and are ready to go.

Craft beer Bogotá: Chelarte, easy drinking, even easier to order!

Keep your fridge well stocked even if you’re not going out, as craft beer pioneers Chelarte continue to offer an excellent domicilio service.

5 do’s and don’ts to applying for a Colombian visa

Applying for a visa in Colombia? Here are some simple rules to follow.

Craft Beer Bogotá: You’re welcome at Non Grata

As the craft beer revolution in Colombia gathers pace, more innovative and interesting venues are popping up too. La Embajada gives you the element of gunpowder to go with your ale.

Craft beer Bogotá: Tierra Santa

In a new series focusing on craft beer in Bogotá, we look at Tierra Santa

Craft beer Bogotá: Mela’s

In a new series focusing on craft beer in Bogotá, we look at Mela's

Health insurance now required for many Colombian visa applications

Colombia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says international insurance necessary for V visas to avoid burdening the health system.

Craft beer Bogotá: Madriguera

In a new series focusing on craft beer in Bogotá, we look at the latest addition to the 45, Madriguera

Bogotá mourns those lost after the tragic events of the past...

With more than a dozen people left dead this week in Bogotá during protests against the police killing of Javier Ordóñez, the city is in mourning.

Medellín demonstrations met with heavy repression from authorities

Colombia's nationwide protests continue as one demonstrator in Medellín reports being kicked by riot police.

Police violence protests spread in Colombia as death tolls rises

Protests and violence spread from Bogotá to other Colombian cities as the Colombian government admits fault and suspends police officers.

Colombian police: Not bad apples, but a rotten orchard

Bogotá boiled over dramatically this week, but where does the blame lie?

In photos: The aftermath of Bogotá’s protests

Incinerated buses are towed away, over 50 CAIs have been damaged and police ready themselves for more protests.

Bogotá Nights: Last night’s riots, and why Colombia?

In tonight’s episode of Bogotá Nights, Brendan and Oli discuss what they like about living in Colombia, as well as their take on the events of the last few days.

Violent protests in Bogotá leave 7 confirmed dead

Seven die overnight as protest over police brutality spread across the capital.

Bogotá burns as protests erupt against police brutality

Videos of police brutality showing Javier Ordóñez being taser-ed by the police have sparked protests throughout the city.

4 things to take away from the first week of the...

Coronavirus is still dominating the news, but sports are back on as well around the globe, including the Tour de France. And it is a feast for the Colombian cycling fans as the Colombians are looking good. What can we take away from the first 11 days of the Tour?

James Rodríguez joins Everton

Everton signs Colombian golden boy James Rodríguez after agreeing a €25 million fee with Real Madrid.

Bogotá reopening: What to expect if you’re going out for coffee

Restaurants and cafés are now allowed to open from Thursday to Sunday. Here are some pictures of a newly re-opened Chapinero.

The Bogotá Post launches Bogotá Nights, a radio show with Fenalprensa

Listen in at 9 pm tonight for the second episode of Bogotá Nights, a live English-language radio show from The Bogotá Post.

Optimism, resilience, and worry: Bogotá’s businesses speak about their new reality

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the city we know and love. But will the 'New Reality' bring enough change for Bogotá's businesses?

Colombian football to return on September 8

Six months after the last official match was played in Colombia, football returns with Junior de Barranquilla vs América de Cali for the Superliga.

Civilians ‘bear brunt of violence’ as wave of massacres sweeps across...

Organisations warn that unless Colombia takes its obligations to former fighters more seriously we will see more killings.

5 things we’re looking forward to now Bogota’s strict lockdown is...

The rules have changed, meaning that a lot of things are going to be possible for the first time in a long while.

End of Bogotá quarantine: 5 things that can jog on

With our Brave New Reality now firmly in place, let’s all wave goodbye to this list of irritations…hopefully!

Bogotá quarantine: It wasn’t all bad, was it?

The lockdown in Bogotá was tedious and lengthy, but there were silver linings among the clouds. Our columnist looks at five things we should hold on to in the brave new reality.

Colombia’s quarantine finally comes to an end

Colombian authorities have announced what amounts to a shift change in coronavirus measures. Come September, restaurants can open (with restrictions), intercity transport will be allowed and we’ll even see domestic flights.
Military police on carrera 13

Bogotá’s strict quarantine: Cuarentena in the strictest sense?

With seven sectors of the city under strict quarantine, this final fortnight is being enforced more strictly in Bogotá.

Strict quarantine for seven Bogotá zones, this time including Candelaria, Teusaquillo...

Mayor announces widespread measures to restrict movement and activity in the Colombian capital.

House arrest for ex-president Álvaro Uribe Vélez

Colombia’s Supreme Court has put Álvaro Uribe Vélez under house arrest while it decides whether he should stand trial for bribery and witness tampering.

Innovation and technology: Essentials for business resilience in Latin America

Survey respondents are cautiously optimistic about the region’s ability to bounce back.

Colombia’s quarantine measures extended until August 30

President Duque announces that Colombia's mandatory isolation will continue for another month, with targeted measures depending on the levels of COVID-19 infection.

New cycle lanes: A Bogotá bungle

Cone, but not forgotten: the strange case of Séptima’s invisible cycle lane.

Cuarentena Estricta: how was it for you?

As Chapinero joins seven other sectors in exiting two weeks of strict quarantine, we evaluate the effects of the increased lockdown.

Getting a coronavirus test in Bogotá: First person account

As the number of coronavirus cases in Bogotá climbs towards its peak, more and more people are interested in getting tested. We find out how it works.

Strict quarantine to return to Bogotá

As coronavirus continues to grow in the capital, mayor Claudia López has announced stricter rules as of Monday.
FARC Peace Agreement Santrich

Constructing peace continues even during lockdown

Series of Facebook Live conversations offer a chance to understand the work involved in historical memory.

Worried about your business in Colombia during the pandemic? Here’s what...

A worldwide pandemic during the first half of the fiscal year was not anticipated. As Colombia closes its borders, implements new temporary trade and travel policies, the future of global business is unsure.

Virtual drag show to celebrate Pride in Colombia

If you're missing this year's Pride celebrations, why not join in tonight's virtual drag show?

Going Local in coronavirus: The Viral versus The Virus

In Colombia, coronavirus conspiracy theories are growing online. Is there an antidote?

Black Lives Matter comes to Colombia

Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Anderson Arboleda: Black Lives Matter in Colombia

Let’s walk the line: Johnny Cash virtual tribute tonight

Smoking Molly, Carlos Reyes and La Pole Artesanal want to help keep the city's music scene afloat with tonight's livestream.
Police code Colombia

Oli’s big topic: Who polices the police?

There’s a clear discrepancy between what is officially allowed and what is actually happening in Bogotá at the moment.

Tracking coronavirus: Should you install the CoronApp?

Countries around the world are grappling with the technological and privacy issues generated by coronavirus tracking applications – and Colombia's CoronApp is unlikely to win any prizes.

Colombian government aid during the coronavirus pandemic

Millions of Colombians are struggling to put food on the table and keep roofs over their heads. Government aid initiatives are reaching some – but not all – of those in need.

Coronavirus hits Colombian prison population hard

Critics say the government’s response to early warnings about the spread of COVID-19 in Colombian prisons was too little, too late.

Bogotá lockdown extended until June 15

Bogotá mayor Claudia López confirms the capital will not lift its isolation measures at the end of this month.

Coronavirus Colombia: New phase of lockdown to begin in June –...

Details announced on how Colombia's phase two of quarantine will work amidst rumours that hotspots will remain locked down.

Waste in the times of COVID-19

Recicladores and rubbish collectors are on the frontline too.

The bicycle messenger during coronavirus: “People are treating the rules much...

Although many are working from home, some people have been working throughout the emergency. We spoke to a bicycle messenger, a key worker on the frontlines of the COVID response.

Running for recyclers, a socially-distanced marathon

Tomorrow, May 22, support a local-led project “Recycling Love” through a run-a-thon fundraiser sponsored by the British Embassy.

Quarantine in Colombia extended again – this time until May 31

President Duque announces that Colombia’s quarantine will be extended until the end of the month

Avianca’s bankruptcy protection explained

As Colombia’s largest airline files for bankruptcy protection, we answer your questions about what it means.
Marco Aguirre, one of Medellín's homeless, in a face mask

Medellín’s homeless population at increased risk due to coronavirus

They’ve already been through trauma. Now COVID-19 is a ticking time bomb for Medellín’s most vulnerable

Orange Alert: New coronavirus controls in parts of Bogotá

Day 58 of quarantine saw special measures introduced for five areas in Bogotá, the orange alert. Also protests from sex workers.

Colombian film industry grants emergency financial relief

Gig workers in the field are eligible to apply for emergency funds. Meanwhile, Bogotá’s premier indie theatre is in a fight for survival.

Behind closed doors: Domestic violence against children in quarantine

As tensions and challenges from the nationwide quarantine increase, the usual channels that might pick up on abuse are not working.

‘Stranger than winning the lottery:’ Humble Colombian family goes viral on...

A widowed Colombian farmer and her two young sons have gone viral on YouTube, to their own shock and surprise. Now their videos are educating viewers on the realities of life as a campesino.

Domestic violence: The ‘Shadow Pandemic’

Violence against women during Colombia’s quarantine has increased, prompting some chains to allow women to denounce violence when they are shopping.

Coronavirus in Colombia: May 7 update

Key points on coronavirus in Colombia: 407 deaths and 9,456 cases, quarantine extended until May 25, crisis in the Amazonas and peak could be July or August

Colombia extends quarantine until May 25, but relaxes rules

With less than a week to go until May 11 when the current quarantine is set to end, Colombian President Iván Duque announced that the obligatory lockdown will again be extended until May 25.

Former coffee plantation becomes coronavirus refuge for international artists

After the founders of ArteSumapaz, an art centre just outside Bogotá invited anyone stranded to spend quarantine with them, 13 poets, painters, musicians and other creators spent lockdown together.

Use Google Street View to quench your Colombian travel thirst

With planes grounded and intercity buses still banned, this weekend we’re exploring the best of Colombia on our computers.

Coronavirus in Colombia: May 1 update

Our regular roundup of COVID-19 cases in Colombia.

Bogotá quarantine: Engativá stories

In Engativá, busier streets and roadways indicate people are itching for things to go back to normal.

Bogotá allows exercise during quarantine… For now

This morning bogotanos were allowed to walk, jog, or run between 6am and 10am.

What’s been the impact of Bogotá’s pico y género?

The capital’s controversial pico y género policy has been in effect for well over a week now, though not without vocal opposition from trans rights organisations with concerns over discrimination and violence.

Colombia lockdown to continue until May 11

President Duque announces that construction and manufacturing sectors will be able to return to work after April 27.

Key medical worker says, ‘We are far from flattening the curve’

Coronavirus doesn’t only affect medical staff who work directly with patients affected by the illness. The knock-on effect to other areas of healthcare has also been profound, as we found out when we spoke to an epidemiologist.

Coronavirus lockdown: Some hope for those on the breadline

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought – or exacerbated – the hardships felt by many on a daily basis. Here’s how two local restaurants are providing lunches for homeless people.

Key medical workers in the coronavirus crisis: The respiratory nurse

Many are working from home, others have no work to go to. Some people, though, are key workers for society in the COVID-19 crisis and have to continue turning up in person.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 17 update

Our regular roundup of COVID-19 cases in Colombia.

Gaitán’s memory would be best served by helping the country’s worst-off

The commemoration of Colombia’s National Day of Solidarity for Victims of the Armed Conflict was muted this year as the novel coronavirus lockdown forced individuals to shelter-in-place.
OXXO Candelaria

Bogotá quarantine: The centre under lockdown

There’s always a mishmash of people in the centre of the city and that’s magnified with the quarantine that has now been extended to April 26.

New quarantine policy in the capital: Pico y género

Claudia López announces gender-based restrictions to mobility.

Keep up your Spanish during the quarantine

Are you in quarantine alone or with other non-Spanish speakers? Worried that you might backtrack on all of the language progress you have made living in Colombia? For better or worse, you likely have the internet at your fingertips. How to keep your Spanish up to date.

Coronavirus economy: The outlook is bleak for Colombia

Coronavirus has hit the economy of Colombia hard, but just how bad are the long-term prospects? We take a look at what could happen post-virus.

Duque extends Colombia’s quarantine until April 26

After 13 days of quarantine, Colombia will extend the obligatory lockdown by two more weeks.

Bogotá quarantine: Teusaquillo Stories

How is the national quarantine affecting your barrio? We’ve been talking to people all over the city, with today Teusaquillo.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 5 update

Our update on Coronavirus stats in Colombia and where the COVID-19 curve is heading.
Usaquén quarantine queue

Bogotá quarantine: life in Usaquén

As we come to the end of the second week of lockdown, we get our readers and contributors to tell us what's going on under quarantine in Usaquén and around.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 3 update

Coronavirus cases are still going up in Colombia - but not as fast as expected. We bring you the latest.

Performances during coronavirus: The show must go on

Local performers respond to the coronavirus quarantine with virtual performances and programming

Bogotá quarantine: Soacha’s red cloths

Quarantine or no quarantine, there are still a lot of people in Soacha who can’t afford to stay home. A lot of people are staying in, but there’s still plenty of activity on the streets.

Coronavirus: Bogotá’s Venezuelan migrants face tough choices

Venezuelan migrants in Bogotá face extra hardships under Colombia's quarantine,

Bogotá quarantine: Chapi under lockdown

As city's around the world shut down to stop the sread of the coronavirus, we talking to people in Chapinero about how quarantine is affecting them.

Coronavirus in Colombia: April 1 update

Colombia now has community transmission of COVID-19- the virus is on the loose.

Anti-Virus hacking!

This weekend, Latin America is hacking the virus. Join the Online Hackathon today from your couch and help create solutions to the Covid-19 crisis across Latin America.

Small businesses suffer from the coronavirus lockdown

As talk grows of an extension to the national quarantine, many small businesses are worried.

Femicide laws fail to protect transgender women

Transgender women in Colombia face a level of persecution that’s often hard to fathom.

Coronavirus cases in Colombia: March 30 update

Coronavirus could kill 3,000 in Colombia, say experts. We look at the latest COVID-19 stats.

How you can help vulnerable Bogotanos during the quarantine

As Bogotá shuts down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many who were already living day to day are struggling to find food or put a roof over their heads. How can you help?

Coronavirus in Colombia: March 28 update

As numbers go up, we bring you the latest coronavirus data and look at how COVID-19 is affecting Colombia, and what might happen in the future.

Coronavirus: What were we thinking?

What caused so many world leaders to stick their heads in the sand and act as though the novel coronavirus was not going to spread?

Coronavirus in Colombia: March 26 update

As residents of Colombia get used to their national quarantine, the country now has 491 coronavirus cases and six deaths. We bring the latest stats.

Coronavirus cases in Colombia: March 24 update

Colombia now has 306 coronavirus cases. We bring the latest stats and analysis.

Colombia’s quarantine 101: Everything you need to know

Citizens must stay at home until April 13 unless they have a good reason -- like needing food or medicine -- to be out.

Ceasefire call to armed groups during coronavirus

Civil organisations are calling on armed gangs to “stop military action” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Quarantining or couch-potatoing? Workout in quarantine

Get off the couch and take advantage of the best free or free trial workout offerings on the web.

Coronavirus cases in Colombia: March 22 update

Colombia announces its first coronavirus deaths. Total cases in the country are 231

What it’s like going out during Bogotá’s quarantine

So what is like out on the streets of Bogotá? Well, with two energetic huskies in the house, there’s a pressing need for me to be out of the house and making use of those 20 minute walking slots.

Colombia to enter complete quarantine

President Duque announces that Colombia will go into a total shutdown from midnight on Tuesday, March 24.

Coronavirus cases in Colombia: March 20 update

145 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Colombia so far, with no confirmed deaths. This tally puts us in 55th place worldwide.

Bogotá quarantine, Day 1: Keep sane and entertained

As the capital enters four days of quarantine, we’ll be bringing you a few Colombia-related ideas of things to do each day.

Bogotá’s isolation drill: Everything you need to know about the simulacro

Bogotanos will be forced to stay at home over the holiday weekend in a four-day citywide shut down, aimed at preparing the city for a serious novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Visas in the time of the coronavirus

There’s a lot of information and disinformation flying around about COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus. We asked Migración Colombia to solve some of the problems that readers have told us they’re worried about. Here are the answers

Bogotá to shut down for four days in coronavirus drill

Bogotá mayor Claudia López announced this evening that the capital would shut down over the coming bank holiday weekend in an isolation simulation. The mayor called on people to remain in their houses for four days, beginning on Friday March 20.

The party’s over: coronavirus cases bring Colombian clampdown

As the coronavirus spreads in Colombia, local authorities are imposing curfews and banning the sale of alcohol.

Duque declares health emergency over COVID-19

The number of COVID-19 cases in Colombia reached 54 today, with nine new cases confirmed in Bogotá this morning.

Bogotá on ‘yellow alert’ to contain coronavirus

Bogota awoke to new rules from the authorities aimed at reducing the contagen and getting ahead of the global outbreak.

Visitors from countries with high rates of coronavirus must self-isolate for...

Foreigners failing to comply face deportation, say health authorities as Colombia’s confirmed cases hit nine.

Restrictive abortion legislation upheld in Colombia

Since 2006, Colombia has been considered a regional leader in defending women’s reproductive rights. That may have changed on March 2 when the Constitutional Court voted to uphold its 2006 abortion legislation

Sexual harassment on campus: Silent no more

Feminist collective Destapa la Olla organise topless demonstration to call attention to sexual assault on campus and give voice to victims' experiences.

Coronavirus arrives in Colombia: First case confirmed in Bogotá

In keeping with its globe-trotting character, coronavirus has landed in Colombia by plane from Italy, according to Bogota-based health officials.

Modal verbs: Can you feel the love tonight?

Can you use modal verbs correctly, or might you make a mistake? Follow our guide and you should be perfect.

Todos Somos: From Cúcuta to Bogotá by foot

Todos Somos is collecting first person narratives from Venezuelan migrants and refugees and sharing them through books and performance.

State of the nation: Higher education

Higher education funding per student has decreased dramatically in the past decade and the deficit won’t be easy to bridge.

Time for a transportation transformation: The RegioTram

Beyond Metro and TransMilenio, changes in other forms of transport are set to take place in the capital region. With RegioTram, bike lanes, and ride-sharing, residents may have many options for cleaner, more efficient transportation.

TransMilenio trumps tranvia on Séptima and Avenida 68

The controversial TransMilenio on Séptima has failed to gain popular support, while the TransMilenio on Avenida 68 has the green light.

Transport Bogotá: Construction to start on Bogotá’s metro

Are the brakes finally off for the Bogotá’s metro construction? The constructors say they will break ground in April.

Art whispers: This month’s Bogotá Gallery Round-Up

From commentary on the art market to perspectives on the paro, there’s plenty of art to see in the city.

Why Colombian protests neither represent a second Chile nor are part...

Although Chilean and Colombian unrests have things in common, a comparison of both country’s protest movements is completely unfounded.

Reinvented Uber returns to Colombia

Uber, the popular rideshare app that was banned from Colombia at the end of January has found a legal loophole and re-opened its operations.

Film review: La Sinfónica de los Andes

In La Sinfónica de los Andes, legendary anthropologist and filmmaker Marta Rodríguez goes into northern Cauca to examine the disastrous consequences of war on a small Nasa community grieving the loss of numerous children who have fallen victim of the conflict.

Spanish language: Do you know your eggs?

Do you know eggs-actly how to order huevos for breakfast? We give you some eggs-amples of what to say. It’s no yolk.

Venezuela: When the wheels fall off…

Going local goes further afield with a Venezuelan trip where petrol is free and the shops are full but there’s no money to spend.

Education First 1-2 confirms victory for Higuita in the Tour Colombia

EF cycling finished in a 1-2 on the last day to confirm Sergio Higuita’s win in the six-day race

Second victory in a row for Sebastián Molano at Tour Colombia...

Colombia has turned into a cradle of new sprinters

State of the nation: Hard labour

Workers’ rights and salaries are divisive topics in 2020. We look at labour reforms likely to upset regular workers.

Sebastián Molano a prophet in his own land

Sebastián Molano claimed the first individual stage of Tour Colombia 2.1 in Duitama.

Tour Colombia 2.1 rolls off

The third version of Tour Colombia UCI had a sensational opening after the victory of Education First that stopped the clock at 18’01”.

Viva Valentine’s Day! Here’s a look at some of the hottest...

Despite having Amor y Amistad also widely celebrated in Colombia. Here is a look at some of the hottest spots around Bogotá for the big date night

The Buzz: Fins, fungus and failing friends

Our roundup of Colombian news that went global in the first weeks of 2020.

State of the Nation: No peace for social leaders

There were 34 assassinations of social leaders in January alone. We look at the numbers and ask why there is still no peace for Colombia’s human rights defenders.

Sako Asko: A window into your soul

The latest exhibition from Sako Asko invites us to examine our own self-perceptions.

Oli’s big topic: Consequences schmonsequences

After the resignation of the defence minister last year, there have been immediate repercussions. Is this is a one-off, or a promising sign for the future?

Mary Costello blazes a trail to celebrate Saint Brigid’s Day

In her talk, “Women’s voices in literature and their role in modern Ireland,” at la Universidad Nacional Costello admitted to just recently understanding the uniqueness of her own perspective as a woman writer.

State of the nation: Peace implementation

While there has been some progress, the slow implementation of Colombia’s peace agreement continues to be a source of discontent, especially as rural communities continue to suffer violence and displacement. Part two of our ongoing look at the issues that face the country.

Sur de Bolívar: New rules

Colombia’s conflict didn’t disappear, it’s just went under the radar. But for how long? We report from the troubled region of Sur de Bolívar.

Will Colombia catch the coronavirus? What you need to know.

A new flu-type virus could be the next pandemic. Here’s a Q&A to keep you up to date…

State of the nation: Corruption

‘In post-conflict Colombia, the battles will be about corruption.’ We look at the bribes that bind, one of the issues that drove so many people to the streets.

English language: We’re going through changes

As English language changes, you want to be on the right side of his(or her)tory.

Uber to leave Colombia at the end of January

The ride-sharing app Uber will no longer be available in Colombia from midnight January 31st onwards, the company announced Friday.

Christmas songs in Colombia: all the songs you need to know

6 Christmas songs you need to know to impress your Colombian friends and family this festive season.

Christmas lights up Colombia in December

December in Colombia is a magical time and an opportunity to leave the capital and check out some of the most incredible light displays across the country.

Implementing peace: Gender issues lag behind

Kroc Institute reports that 42% of gender commitments in Colombia’s 2016 peace agreement have not yet been started, compared with 27% overall.

Colombian Christmas 101: Everything you need to know

If you don’t know your Noche de las velitas from your Nochebuena, now’s the time to get to grips with Colombian festivities.

How to not shop till you drop at Expoartesanías 2019

Expoartesanias is one of the largest handicraft fairs in Latin America and is a ‘must’ for any fans of Colombian culture. Here are five tips to on how to get the most out of it.

Clases a las Calles take national strike education to the streets

Professors democratise knowledge with free public event.

Guardia Indígena join Bogotá marches

Indigenous groups and Guardia Indígena arrived in the capital in recent days ready to participate in the third national strike.

The fourteenth day of protest will see a third national strike

Strike leaders announce ‘El Paro sigue’ after meeting with the government does not reach consensus on key issues.

‘The state wants to silence us’

Steven Gutiérrez was an eyewitness to the fatal wounding of Dilan Cruz, a young student shot with anti-riot ammunition by ESMAD. Since denouncing the attack Gutiérrez has received death threats. He speaks to The Bogotá Post.

Latin America rises up in unison

As the Cacerolazo Latinoamericano calls for equality and human rights in the region, one of the Chilean activists who joined in jokes that Colombians ‘have more rhythm.’

Colombian protests and small businesses

The small business community is feeling the effects of the protests, but many still support the movement.

Duque’s grand debates: The environment

We dip into the national conversation with a look at what was talked about in yesterday’s environmental discussion.

In numbers: 8 days of the Colombian protests

The country has seen over a week of mass protests. We wrap up the national strike so far with some interesting numbers.

Women in journalism make their voices heard

Conversatorio Mujeres Poderosas brings powerhouse women in journalism head-to-head

Film review: Knives Out

Knives Out gathers a cast of familiar faces including Chris Evans and Daniel Craig (Captain America and James Bond, respectively), as well as Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and newcomers Katherine Langford and Jaden Martell.

A journey around the world with the history of the cacerolazo

How this peaceful protest method originated and how bogotanos are making it their own.

Toquerolazo: Music for the people

Toquerolazo de Queda: Local musicians add a new note to the protests.

Dilan Cruz, face of a generation

Dilan Cruz, who was shot by ESMAD on Saturday, has died in hospital.

Colombia’s strike leaders tell the government to listen

Representatives of the National Strike Committee say strikes will continue and ask president Duque to listen to the demands of the country.

Duque proposes Gran Conversación Nacional

In an effort to stem the tide of protest, President Duque has laid out plans for four months of national conversations.

Bogotá protests: How was it for you?

As the protests in Bogotá enter a fourth day of high tensions, we’ve heard a lot of stories from around the city.

ESMAD shooting leaves student in critical condition

A young protestor was struck by a grenade on Saturday night, leaving him fighting for his life

Bogotá curfew: What happened on Friday night?

Bogotá Curfew: Friday 22 November saw a whirlwind of news hit Bogotá, both true and false, we try to give some context to what happened.

Cacerolazos: Reclaim the calles

Out and about in last night’s cacerolazos as spontaneous demonstrations break out across the country.

Colombia protests: Hear it from the people

Colombia saw hundreds of thousands (possibly even millions) of people joining the national strike.

What you need to know about Colombia’s national strike

Tensions have been rising in the run up to Colombia’s national strike which will take place tomorrow, November 21.
Daniel Quintero speaks on a panel in Medellin

Colombia’s key local election outcomes mark a shift away from the...

For the first time since the 2016 peace agreement, the Colombia’s political elite fared poorly in the...
Saffron-crowned tanager ( yellow head and blue body)

Bird tourism in Colombia takes flight — as threats to vital...

Caption: Saffron-crowned tanager — Photo courtesy of Pedro Arturo Camargo Martinez, Biologist with Asociación Calidris At sunrise last...

Guzmán: Colombia’s forgotten history of peace

Colombians negotiated a landmark peace agreement that slowly crumbled as the State was unable to live up to its promise of economic...
Indigenous communities in Cauca are now in their 18th day of protest against the government.

Guzmán: Why they won’t stop protesting in Cauca

March for the defense of the JEP, Special Jurisdiction for peace in Spanish. Protestants march against the objections made by...
Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

Guzmán: The opposition will be defeated if it doesn’t unite

Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) Photo courtesy of Oficina de prensa JEP Duque’s objections to the JEP presented...

The Inauguration of Nicolas Maduro according to Twitter

Nicolas Maduro speaking to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in February 2017. (Photo courtesy of the Venezuelan government)

A crosshair on their backs: the seemingly unstoppable crisis behind the...

The killings of social leaders continue unabated in Colombia. The assailants and motives behind the killings vary...
An image of the reservoir of Bogotá to illustrate low water levels and the need for water cuts in Bogotá

Water cuts in Bogota: Find out when your water will be...

The reservoirs that supply 70% of the city's water are at about 17% capacity and there will be 24-hour water cuts in Bogotá in the coming weeks, on a zone-by-zone basis.

Latin America factories set to benefit from new Fracttal maintenance software...

Fracttal, the Chilean maintenance software startup, operates across Latin America including Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.
Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 in Simón Bolívar was great

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Return to the heart of Bogotá

Colombia’s biggest musical event took place in the heart of Bogotá for the first time ever, and Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 was a roaring success
Juan Carlos Torres (AKA Okraa) in Walthamstow. Photo by Camila Rhodes + Laudrup

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: There are many ways of being Colombian, says...

"I feel that there’s many ways of being Colombian," ambient electronica star Okraa says ahead of his Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 show.
Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 will be in the city centre

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 – Get it right with our guide

Our full guide to Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 - the biggest and best musical event in Colombia
Anamaría Oramas promo photo by Gato Jazz for Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Anamaría Oramas has no words but plenty...

Anamaría Oramas is one of the most unusual artists at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 with her jazz fusion of Colombian traditional music.

“Companies that do not have AI in their operations are destined...

Startups in Latin America are recovering from a steep drop-off in the availability of venture capital following...
Maca & Gero ahead of their show at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024. Photo Courtesy of Nestor Pérez

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Maca & Gero will be there for...

Colombian pop duo Maca & Gero talk about friendship, musical diversity and Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024
Afro Legends ahead of their show at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Afro Legends bring sabrosura and resistance to...

Afro Legends are bringing Pacific sabrosura to Bogotá for Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024
A hospital in Colombia to illustrate the health reform collapse

A tough week in Colombian politics – and it’s only Wednesday

A week is a long time in politics and this is no exception
Lolabúm are playing Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Festival Esteréro Picnic 2024: Lolabúm – almost local

Find out why Ecuadorians Lolabúm have moved to Bogotá ahead of their show at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024.
Buha 2030 ahead of their performance at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Buha 2030 are ready to fly to...

Buha 2030 are flying into the future for Festival Estéreo Picnic 2030

IDIPRON lawyer in Colombia accused of dishonest conduct

IDIPRON lawyer Jairo Andres Pena Botello was accused this week of dishonest conduct. An alumni of the...

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: Matar Fuma feel right at home

Matar Fuma are coming back to Bogotá for good and playing Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 to celebrate their homecoming.
El Kalvo promo image courtesy of Parámo for Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024

Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024: El Kalvo and the importance of place

As we hit March it's time to look at Festival Estéreo Picnic 2024 and local stars. First up is El Kalvo, a big man with big talent.