Land restitution: Chengue dances again

Sixteen years ago, residents of Chengue, a small village in northern Colombia were forced from their homes by paramilitaries. Now, the chengueros are celebrating the possibility that they can return.
Pope Francis in Colombia

Land of Pope and glory

Pope Francis is set to visit Colombia next month on a four-day tour which will take him to Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena. He will fly into the capital on September 6 and return to Rome from the coast on the 11th.
Carnaval del Maíz del Trueque y del Perdón

Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón

What if we moulded a micro-utopia with our hands? What if we built an immense bridge, which united both the city and the countryside in a deeply polarised society? What if we showcased the values and virtues of rural Colombia? These questions provided the backbone for an inspired weekend in Choachí, Cundinamarca, the Carnaval del Maíz, del Trueque y del Perdón.
How much does it cost to live in Bogotá?

How much does it cost to live in Bogotá?

How much does it cost to live in Bogotá? Of course the question depends on who you are, and the notoriously fickle field of statistics. Notwithstanding that, we present our armchair-expert findings distilled from various websites and our own random survey in the local corner shop.
FARC disarmament

Challenges following FARC disarmament

The over 7,000 weapons collected by the UN monitoring mission are being removed from the 26 transitional zones, and demobilised FARC members are preparing for new lives as civilians. However, once the camps cease to exist, the challenges will become increasingly complex.
Going coastal, paramilitary Colombia

Going coastal

In a departure from the regular Going Local feature that focuses on the idiosyncrasies of life in Bogotá, we're going coastal where our gonzo columnist finds himself in an uncomfortable conversation with an inebriated former paramilitary on the coast.
Kate Rawles, bamboo bicycle

Bamboo bicycle for biodiversity

Travelling across the continent on a bamboo bicycle to raise awareness about biodiversity, adventurer Kate Rawles chats to Emma Newbery about the cycle of life.
Bogotá gay pride

Bogotá gay pride parade 2017

Rainbow flags permeated the sky on Sunday, July 2 when around 55,000 people attended the Bogotá gay pride parade 2017 as participants enjoyed the sunshine and marched, celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the city.
Plan pistola

Police targets of plan pistola

Plan pistola sees cash bounties offered for the murders of police officers. In his latest column, Gerald Barr looks at the motives behind such attacks and how the police are responding.
FARC Colombia, FARC Transitional Zones, FARC Zonas Verdes

FARC celebrates new era

For over five decades, the longest running insurrection in the western hemisphere, the FARC-EP, have opposed the Colombian state. However, with peace about to become a reality, their 53rd birthday was their last as an armed group. The Bogotá Post were lucky enough to be invited to the celebrations and see what the future might hold.