Bogotá: the city shakes to the beat of Aainjaa drums

Aainjaa, an innovative Bogotá dance and drumming movement, brings batucada to Colombia and beyond. We talk to founder Homero Cortés.
FILBo 2105, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

FILBo Revisited

As Bogota's International Book Fair got into full swing over the past week, we bring you some reviews of the best it had to offer
rum, ron, rhum

It’s a rum business

Rum. An essential ingredient for Mojitos, Cuba Libres and many interesting morning afters. Emily Hastings discovers that this firewater is much more than a mixer.
Burlesque Bogota

Burlesque – Is Bogota ready?

Burlesque. From the Italian/Spanish burlesco, meaning “mocking”: a parody, a comically exaggerated imitation of something. Today the word is most commonly associated with a certain style of performance. Daniel Caicedo gets hot under the collar at Bogota’s cheeky Burlesque venues.

BLAA musical director Mauricio Peña: Music for the masses

Mauricio Peña, the musical director of the BLAA, tells us about how they work to make music affordable and go beyond the classical.

Film review: Niña Errante

Rubén Mendoza attempts to understand and portray womanhood through the eyes of four sisters from different mothers who reunite after their father’s death.
Tiempo sin Olvido

‘Tiempo sin Olvido’ brings Colombia’s pre-Hispanic past to life

The Museo Nacional's Tiempo sin Olvido ‘proposes a journey through some of the basic characteristics of society that have transcended time.’

A different way to see peace

Click Arte's books aim to bring children closer to their country, telling stories of communities who were able to use talks and agreement to move past conflict.
Baum Festival

Back with a Baum

Bogotá’s electronic music bonanza, Baum Festival, is back for a second version on May 21. After 8,000 techno lovers enjoyed the 2015 edition, this...

Monsieur Periné and others: Live from the stage to your screen

Bogota’s Teatro Mayor is broadcasting a live stream of 10 of its top artistic performances via the platform TeatroDigital, which can be accessed from all corners of the world.