El Cerebro Scientifico

Bogotá meeting of minds will ‘mark the future of science and...

Climate change, particle physics, musical innovation and the space-art interface are just some of the topics being discussed at this Friday’s El Cerebro Scientifico...
The Bogotá Anglo Theatre, Reindeer monologues

The Bogota Anglo Theater does The Eight Reindeer Monologues

Rudolph is nowhere to be seen, Santa is on trial, and the deepest darkest secrets of the North Pole are about to be revealed. The dark comedy that is The Eight Reindeer Monologues could get even the most scrooge-like of us in the festive mood.
Bar Crawl Bogotá

Bar crawl Bogotá: Called to the bar

One night. Thirty people. Four bars. $70,000. And just one question: Which drinking game to play. The Bogotá Post team join the city’s newest bar crawl.

“A double outing” – Trojana infiltrates webcam industry

Cali debut for documentary in which performance artists infiltrate the industry by working as webcam models. We have talked to one of them.

Opinion: What is ‘nea?’

What does it mean to be nea? Photo by Arjun Harindranath “¿Usted sí sabe qué es nea?” was...
The Revenant

The Revenant

4/5 stars ‘Visceral’ is an adjective frequently used in cinema to refer to scenes of a gory, intestine-squelching nature rather than those moments of raw,...
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, FILBo 2015

Filling FILBo with magic realism

The 2015 Bogota International Book Fair, which takes place from April 21 to May 4 in Corferias, will dedicate a heartfelt tribute to the...
Miss Julie Bogota

English language theatre comes to Bogota with Miss Julie

As Miss Julie, the first show of The Bogota Anglo Theater (The BAT), opens in the city, Azzam Alkadhi takes in a performance and catches up with the cast

Cinema in the sun

We take a look at the winners and highlights of this year’s Cartagena Film Festival One hundred and seventy films and countless academic and cultural...
Voces del silencio Bogotá

Silent no more

A new photographic project aims to act as a form of therapy for the subjects involved. Anna Weldon explores the healing power of art For...